My Influences: Thomas Kirkpatrick of RDO Kitchen Appliances


Entrepreneur you admire.

That would have to be Hilary Devey. She is proof that if you really want something and are prepared to work for it, it can be achieved. Steely determination and grit. In a similar vein I would also say Mary Portas. Like me, neither is afraid to speak their minds.


Favourite film.

That more depends on the genre of film. I enjoyed Milk and The Iron Lady for their political and historical viewpoint.

Music / Band.
I have quite a broad taste in music. I like anything from the Freemasons right through to classical. (I can’t stand anything from Taylor Swift).

Favourite TV show.
I don’t really watch much TV. I have to admit that I do enjoy Strictly Come Dancing. Every time it’s on I think to myself ‘I must make time to learn this’, but I never do. Too busy!

I do enjoy going to the theatre and musical theatre. The last show I saw was Beautiful Thing. It was amazing and the cast did a fantastic job of really drawing you into the story.

cotswolds_cnt_6nov09_istock_bHoliday destination.
That would have to be the Cotswolds. Not very exotic I know, but I love everything this country has to offer. The Cotswolds offers picture postcard landscapes and what can almost be described as a window to the not too distant past. Perfect for relaxing holidays.

I spend most of my time reading the latest business and retail news updates. I normally tend to read when I’m on annual leave. The last couple of books I read were complete polar opposites. One was complete escapism; Jackie Collins – Lethal Seduction; the other was Hilary Devey – Bold As Brass. Saying that, they both contained strong woman!

A person you admire.
My partner. He’s always supported me in everything I’ve done and still continues to do so after nearly ten years.