My influences: Jamie Waller, CEO, JBW Group

JBW believes that the Government and small business have the right to be paid what they are owed. JBW provide a debt recovery solution based upon supporting early compliance, ethical practices and care for those that can’t pay, rather than those that won’t.

JBW has a revenue of £14 million and employees over 130 people throughout the UK.

Entrepreneur I admire:
Michael O’Leary of Ryanair – he tells the truth rather than hides behind false sales lines. The public don’t like him because they are to used to being lied to. If more businesses told the truth, more business leaders would be disliked. I follow in Michael’s footsteps. Honest is the best policy.

Fave or current book I’m reading:
One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard – as let’s face it, growing a business is tough and time is precious. If you want to work in a fast growing environment then you need to stop wasting my time.

Favourite Holiday destination:
Sailing in any ocean or climbing in the Himalayas

Favourite band / music:
Killers….. Love feel good, fast paced music that you can go wild too.

Favourite Film:
Jerry Maguire, a business film that proves that hard work and determination will always work.

A person I admire:
My elder brother, Tony. His success is being the best family man and Dad in the world. He has children of his own, fosters children and has adopted too. Takes a special person to give so much to others.

A piece of advice I would give to a new start up:
Work hard, play hard and always believe that you will succeed