My Influences: Paullette Schwartz, founder of Fabulous Women

Paullette is a single mother of two with an MBA. She loves travelling, culture, reading and gardening. In business she enjoys public speaking and finding ways to make sure Fabulous Women achieves its aims.

Fabulous Women came about as she noticed women need encouragement, acceptance and acknowledgement more than policy and help. She also noticed women in business need to be more than their businesses.

Women generally wear a multitude of hats, their business (or career) is only one and there is a need to celebrate women in positive, supportive ways.

Most of all she is enjoying working with the Fabulous Women Ambassadors (leaders of the groups) to make a real difference in the world. In this Paullette says “Fabulous Women is not about me, it’s about the fabulous women who make a difference to our world every day. We should celebrate that.”

Entrepreneur I admire
I admire any entrepreneur. Each one has bravely (or sometimes reluctantly) given something up to follow a dream – that is very admirable. I do admire the tenacity and honesty of Lord Sugar and Hilary Devey.

Fave or current book i’m reading.
I’m unusually reading at least three books at any given time. Currently reading “Beating around the Bush” written by a community member, “Ice Cream made Easy” because we have a new ice cream machine and “The Leader who Had no Title” because I loved “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” so much. Fav book of all time is between “The Shell Seekers” and “Gone with the Wind”.

Favourite Holiday destination
I love travelling it is really hard to decide. One of the best holidays I’ve had was taking my kids on a backpacking trip to Turkey. We had so many adventures and my kids just loved the whole concept of travelling independently. I also enjoyed Jordan and Slovenia this year, and Croatia from last year. Egypt was amazing too. The UK is fantastic to travel about it. A very hard question to answer.

Favourite band / music
Kasabian. Love their music and was gutted to miss them at Reading Festival this year. In general I enjoy most music especially at festivals where you can stumble across something you may now have heard otherwise. That’s how I came to love “Friendly Fires”. “Talking Heads” always have me singling along and I have a real soft spot for disco.

Favourite Film
Another hard one. It has to be ” Shawshank Redemption”, “Up” or “On Golden Pond” (a real classic and just superb).

A person I admire
My mum. She has great spirit and is so very wise, patient and is the best role model I could ever ask for. She bounces back from even the most gruelling situations.

A piece of advice they would give to a new start up Remember people don’t care one bit about what you do, they only care about what you can do for them. Successful business are those who have learnt this key lesson.