Getting To Know You: Sheena Shah, Inspiring Success

Sheena Shah

We speak to Sheena Shah about why you should not put pressure on yourself when starting out in business as no one is born successful

What do you currently do?

I am the Founder of Inspiring Success, we help clients with mindset and mindfulness so that they can get the most from not only their work but help them unleash their own power to live their best life. My work takes me from individual cases, referrals from businesses to help the wellbeing of their employees, to teaching Mindfulness and Meditation to primary school children..

What’s your inspiration in business?

Having gone through so much of my own anxiety, limiting beliefs and lack of self worth for a great part of my life, self development and the power of the mind was always at the forefront. After qualifying as an Optometrist I decided to further study and trained as a life coach, NLP and Mindfulness Practitioner and Nutritionist. I wanted to not only help myself and change my story but help others change theirs. I wanted to help others become empowered and free from emotional burden.

Who do you admire?

So many have inspired me and through their work and words have caused great personal shifts for me. To name a few would be Jay shetty, Gabby Bernstein, Tom Bilyeu, Deepak Chopra and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Looking back, is there anything that you’d differently?

Nothing I believe in trusting in the process and that every obstacle is diversion to a better route.

What defines the way you do business?

My work is very personal to me, I find that being approachable, open and honest sets a strong foundation for the work that we do and that really resonates at every level of the business. I understand how many challenges we face balancing work, family and friends and I think this shapes my thinking and the way that I work with clients.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Look around you, be and feel inspired. Feel excited for the journey ahead. Don’t put pressure or judgement on yourself everything is on a learning curve, no one was born successful or an expert in their field.