Yasmin Tavakoli: The Rising Female Social Advocate of the Future

As March is recognized for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, never before has the world witnessed such historic moments for women in recent years.

With the female empowerment movement and gender equality being advocated and promoted in the workplace, more women are asserting their voices and demanding to be heard.

One up-and-coming social advocate out of Los Angeles has recently established a significant platform for herself over the last year as a result of the pandemic. After feeling the effects of confusing and ambiguous news reporting on the coronavirus last March, Yasmin Tavakoli took to social media to hold an Instagram Live session with a recognized doctor to discuss concerns and questions about the virus. After receiving an influx of engagement and followers, Tavakoli used this momentum to launch a new content series called “Talks with Yasmin.” Nearly a year later, she has since evolved the series into a podcast that’s available on iTunes and Spotify, but it isn’t just her strong social media presence that makes her content go viral.

After graduating with a Masters in Diplomacy from the University of Southern California and then going on to work with the United Nations on various projects, Tavakoli has always had a heart for diplomacy and social advocacy. And with the historic events of 2020 unfolding before her eyes, Tavakoli saw no choice but to jump at the chance to join the ongoing conversation about the flurry of current events that filled headlines everywhere. But in joining these conversations, unlike other media outlets and news commentators, Tavakoli strove to make her series a place where every side of every topic would be heard and above all—she would only share content that was researched and factual. No fake news. In a time where news reports are now so often riddled with false information, Tavakoli saw the dire need to represent what matters most—the truth.

“I’m very adamant about remaining diplomatic across all of these discussions,” Tavakoli says. “I always bring both sides of any stance to the table and I like to provide a space where people feel comfortable to voice their own opinions without being judged or misrepresented.”

And as 2020 was a year of following the herd and voices getting lost in the mix, Tavakoli now encourages her followers and listeners to really analyze the news they consume and to furthermore do their own research and take the time to determine the truth in every matter. In addition, in line with the tone and attitude of her brand, she recently partnered with AllSides, a media technology company that insists on sharing balanced news, media bias ratings and civil discourse. With their similar values, AllSides and Tavakoli will hold weekly discussions via the AllSides platform, debating various relevant and current topics.

For the last year, Tavakoli has curated stimulating conversations with prominent public figures, social justice advocates, business owners, politicians and members of the media, relevant and important topics of the time. And across every interview and encounter, she remains committed to delivering the truth above all.

“Through these ongoing conversations, I urge my followers to open their minds to different perspectives,” Tavakoli says. “I like to bring forth the truth and perspective and furthermore, I hope these discussions encourage people to do their own research to become informed and aware.”

To learn more about Yasmin Tavakoli and to watch Talks with Yasmin, find her on Instagram or check out her podcast on Spotify.