Introducing the Endotech D.AI.SY Platform: A Quantum Leap for AI-Based Private Financial Services

Professional financial services have long been the exclusive privilege of only wealthy investors.

Endotech, a fintech company based in Israel (a country known as the world’s second Silicon Valley thanks to a combination of skilled workforce and the unmatched record in attracting foreign investment to its high-tech sector), recently launched D.AI.SY: a platform based on smart Tron blockchain contracts which allows users to participate automatically in profits generated via major financial markets.

To earn an income — either instant or recurrent — using a decentralized smartphone application. These are the aims of those within the platform.

D.AI.SY provides unique and market proven access to systematic genuine AI and machine learning. It allows private investors regardless of the investable amount to access immediate and professional automated financial services, these rely on real-time investment analysis carried out by special algorithms delivered by the AI. These algorithms were thoroughly vetted in every detail prior to activation on live funds. This software was perfected by a team of unique fintech experts led by the Endotech Co-Founders; Dr. Anna Becker and Dmitry Gooshchin. Their unmatched background in this limited field of fintech services bodes extremely well for the future of the D.AI.SY platform. As a side note, many Israeli directors hold senior management positions in global high-tech companies as direct consultants to various globalscale fintech projects and philanthropic associations..

Dr. Becker with 20 years of experience in retail finance, has worked with more than 300 brokers.  Her previous brainchild, Strategy Runner (a proprietary software offering multi-asset algorithmic trading solutions for both professional traders and retail investors), had over 50,000 institutional users. In 2011, Dr. Becker successfully sold Strategy Runner to MFGlobal. Since then, she has continued to work closely with over 35 assorted funds in Israel. Her team oversees the operation of more than 20 proprietary AI systems which are distributed to over 80 countries. Endotech COO and Co-Founder Mr. Gooshchin has been providing services to fintech companies for the last 15 years and has a proven experience with managing and scaling large financial systems.

D.AI.SY is particularly appealing to investors “en-masse” due to its crowdfunding pedigree and ability. Just like the old advent of stocks many centuries ago which made ownership of companies possible for the public at large, the blockchain Tron network (the basis and foundation of the D.AI.SY business platform), forms a rock-solid and safe foundation from which any private investor may start quickly building an active investment portfolio. At quite the symbolic “one-hundred-dollar start-up investment”, one becomes a member of the D.AI.SY club through crowdfunding participation. Crowdfunding the vehicle and an easy way to partake in the evolution of disruptive technologies while also reaping the financial results as an early adopter.

Participation within the D.AI.SY platform begins with the initial investment and activation. This remains the case whether it is $100 or $10,000 that an investor is divulging. Any such amount is treated equally within the platform and entitles the investor to a fair distribution of future rewards. The platform also provides access to both technical and fundamental analysis driven and created live via the AI, this brings further rewards with increased awareness and efficiency of the D.AI.SY portfolio and system money management, risk control and the eventual order execution. What makes this such a disruptive emerging technology and great scenario is that the blockchain smart contract cannot be compromised by any company or individual providing impenetrable protection for any of the investors within. Every action within the system is totally transparent and 100% accountable. This provides the ultimate in easy entry for an investor from any side of the financial spectrum, enabling them to easily get connected and use the system and delivery available. This makes for an interesting time for any classic markets as they seek to compete with such grand scale and risk-adverse potential returns.