5 Ways to Improve Productivity When Working at Home

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Over the last five years, the number of people working remotely has increased by 44%. But the most drastic change was brought on as a result of Covid-19. With the majority of workplaces shut down, it was just a next step to start having employees and teams working from home.

However, this also led to some new issues of its own. For example, if you’ve been working from home, are you finding yourself stuck without the motivation to get work done? If so, you aren’t alone.

The good news is, there are plenty of methods out there to help boost individual productivity while working from home, along with useful software and tracking solutions like ZoomShift for business owners that want to make sure their employees are working and scheduled out accordingly.

In this article, we will be highlighting five different ways people working from home can improve productivity, while also providing some tips for team managers and business owners trying to manage work at home staff as well.

Let’s get started.

Remote Work and Employee Productivity

Now, remote work conquers the whole world and is simply a new way of getting work done for businesses of all types. In the USA, 7 million people were working remotely before Covid-19 and now that number is much higher.

In a way, remote work can trigger productivity as they enjoy the flexible environment of their homes. Along with a flexible environment, it also seems a difficult challenge to balance work with your family.

Therefore, it is efficient to find out the ways you can do your remote work more productively and efficiently and also can enjoy the best family time.

So let’s get straight into it.

Five Great Ways to Boost Productivity while Working From Home

Schedule out your workload

When you went to the office, you were following a fair routine consistently. But now you are at home and all your routine messed up. You have no efficient time to do work and to spend with family.

You get stressed. So, the efficient way to cope with this stress is to schedule your daily tasks. Make a to-do list and stick to it.

In this way, you feel refreshed and creative and you can accomplish your work more productively and efficiently.

Create a productive corner

For some people, their desk set-up is worth more while working productively. Set your productive corner at your home. Renovate that space with all your essentials, check out the temperature, air quality, and lighting and also put some fragrant vases.

In this way, that particular corner boosts your productivity and also reduces your stress. Whenever you sit there for work, you welcome new and productive thoughts.

Furthermore, doing some meditations for improving your productive skills also help you to stay positive and creative.

So let’s create a productive corner and start doing productive work.

Set boundaries

Staying at home and doing work along with home chores is not as easy a task at all. No doubt, sometimes your family or friends forget that you are at home, you are still working and cause disturbances. So, You can’t work efficiently.

The best way to solve this problem is to set some fair boundaries, a schedule to balance your work and family time.

Share this schedule with your friends and family. So, they get aware of your working hours and take some actions to support your working conditions.

Also, send out this schedule to your managers to get that you can get responses actively at that specific time.

In this way, you can effectively balance your work-life. And you can be focused and work more productively.

Break your work into chunks

Don’t be fooling yourself by thinking that you can work consistently,18 or 19 hours a day. By estimating this, you not only discourage yourself but also create difficulties for yourself.   

Don’t stress yourself by starting a stretched out to-do list. According to many work from home blogs, this is just going to lead to more stress and possibly even less work getting done.

It would help if you broke your work into chunks. Firstly, classify your work in urgent and not yet essential categories. Secondly, complete your urgent tasks. Lastly, do your unimportant tasks.

In this way, you will enhance more productivity as you are doing or completing your urgent work.

Furthermore, the best way is to take breaks while doing work and do some physical activities. It will improve your productivity and quality of work.      

Avoid distractions

While working remotely, it is the hardest thing to stay on track. Because you are working in a flexible environment and have more to get distracted, you end up with low quality or unprofessional work.

While working, remove all your distractions such as your mobile phone, TV remote and your lovely pug dog.

More efficient is to go towards a productive corner to avoid all distractions. But doing this, you can easily stay on track. Also, you can improve your productivity.

Why do people love to work from home?

It is proven that most people love to work from home as they enjoy the flexible environment and can work more productively. There is no need to be dressed up and to set a posture. Even most people attend online meetings in pyjamas.

Flexible environments and fewer restrictions boost the positivity level that results in more creative ideas and plans. And with there being so many different job boards online, it’s quite easy to find new work on a daily basis.

Just keep the following things in your mind while working from home to reduce stress and enhance productivity.

  • Don’t work all day; it may suffer your productivity
  • Don’t isolate yourself
  • Stay in contact with your colleagues and boss to make yourself visible

In Summary

No doubt, it is the toughest challenge to accomplish tasks productively and to cope with work stress while staying at home. It’s okay.

It takes time to adopt new habits. Just relax. Breathe in, breathe out, and let’s think out of the box.