Why you should use a GPS tracker for your Kid

Children GPS

Remember the cheesy yet truly effective marketing pitch from Apple that says ‘there’s an app for that’? It’s one line that has been endlessly parroted and used in media and one that still rings true today.

Thanks to new technologies and changing lifestyles, new apps and devices are being introduced to help enhance our well-being. A popular new device that’s starting to gain traction in the market is the GPS tracker for kids. Just like other new apps and devices introduced in the market, this tracker is borne out of necessity.

Simply put, a GPS tracker is a device that transmits data to let you know where your kids are at a given moment. The best trackers in the market are compact and unobtrusive, and holds a charge for a decent amount of time, and transmit data in real-time. In short, it’s the answer to the common concerns of parents like children going to walk out of view, or young students going out with friends. In short, it offers you peace of mind knowing that you can check your child’s location at any given moment.

Is tracking your child a wise choice?

Tracking and monitoring the activities of children is a contested issue. And there are several studies in the industry that track parent’s sentiments when it comes to tracking and monitoring the activities of children.

One such research is from the Royal Children’s Hospital where it found out that one in five children is monitored by their parents using a form of tracking software or device. In this survey, around 88 percent of the respondents say that using a tracking device makes them more secure even if their kids are not guided by adults. Another 87 percent of the respondents indicated that they feel secure if they know the current location of the kids. The idea of monitoring is equally contested among the kids and other young members of the household. In the same study, it found out that one in three children does not agree with the idea, and one in five parents reported disagreement with their partners because of the issue.

For some parents, the hesitations are understandable. There’s always the question of privacy, and some may raise concerns regarding security. If we can monitor their locations in real-time, then what’s stopping others from taking a look at this information? And for children, it’s always about privacy and the freedom of movement.

With these issues and concerns raised against the use of a tracker, should you invest in a tracking device right now?

Start a meaningful conversation

Yes, investing in a tracker makes security sense. However, make sure you prepare and exercise due diligence if you’re planning to have one. Discuss it with your kid first, and make sure that he is comfortable using a tracker. As a parent, you need to explain to your child the benefits of having a GPS Tracker for kids. It’s difficult to monitor your kid without their knowledge since it doesn’t contribute to a trusting family relationship.

Explain the benefits of GPS tracking

The primary benefit in using a GPS tracker is on the parents. As mentioned, a tracking device coupled with effective mapping software can help family members access the location and whereabouts of the children. It’s often offered with an unobtrusive design, thus allowing kids to wear the device with confidence. Also, a Minifinder GPS tracker device can act as a security device and protection in case of an emergency. Popular tracker brands available in the market are also designed as a security phone. In case of emergency or security threat, the individual can easily send an alert or message to the parent or a guardian. Furthermore, many tracker brands act as a ‘fall sensor’. With this feature, life-threatening accidents and falls will automatically send alarms thus notifying the parents or guardians.

So should you give it a go?

Well, there’s no right or wrong answer in the use of GPS trackers, and experts, parents, and guardians will all have a say on its use. It all boils down to your family’s lifestyle and how you value comfort and security. If you’re looking for protection for your children and peace of mind, then investing in a GPS tracker is always worth it. Just make sure you talk to them- it’s always good to promote trusting relationships at all times.