Birth injury incidents and how to report them


Most of us spend our entire lives waiting to have a baby. Our first child is often our proudest moment.

Unfortunately, due to the negligence of some healthcare professionals that special moment can become tainted and you can find yourself the unwitting victim of a birth injury incident, and not only will you suffer, but your child will suffer, for the rest of your lives.

These incidents are often avoidable and are the fault solely of the healthcare professionals who are employed to ensure that your child is delivered safely and in good health. When these accidents do happen, it can be alarming, upsetting, scary, and harrowing, and you can be unsure of what to do, if you can do anything at all. Even so, you should always report negligent healthcare professionals in situations like these and should endeavour to pursue it until they are convicted.

What Constitutes as a Birth Injury?

A birth injury occurs when those who are delivering your baby mishandle or are too aggressive. Birth injuries can have all manner of after-effects, such as long-lasting brain damage, physical injury, or other injuries. When you are making your birth injury claim it is important you receive a doctor’s opinion and written evidence of your child’s condition or injuries. It is always best to make these claims sooner rather than later as often there can be a high turnover of staff at hospitals and you can find the doctor you have a problem with has relocated.

How to Manage the Aftermath

Perhaps the most important aspect of dealing with a birth injury is to make sure you yourself and your child are okay. It can be a mentally damaging experience and you can find yourself uncertain and unsure of what to do, understandably so; your child has been injured and it could be a lifetime of misery for all parties involved. Notwithstanding, your child can still have a great quality of life, and you should always ensure that, despite their injury or disability, you are all in good spirits and that you love your child unconditionally despite it all.

Contact an Attorney

The first step in making your claim against a hospital or its staff is to contact a birth injury attorney. These attorneys will often moonlight as personal injury attorneys so you can contact more of them, as finding the right attorney is important and you should make sure they are well-reviewed and professional.

Birth injury attorneys often work on a no-win-no-fee basis so you will be able to rest safe knowing that your claim will be handled efficiently and properly and you will not be out of pocket. Birth injury claims can net a significant amount of money when the legal process is said and done, with the highest reaching eight-point-one million dollars. Medical malpractice is no joke, and that sum of money can enable you and your child a reasonable quality of life even if they are suffering from a permanent mental or physical affliction.

When dealing legally with a birth injury, you need to be an adult and as professional as possible. It can be easy to lash out and start attacking people verbally, but the best thing in this situation to do is to deal with it as maturely as you can.