Why you should make a wedding album

Wedding Album

Your wedding day is one of the biggest of your life. It takes months (if not years) of preparation and, in many cases, no expense is spared in making it absolutely perfect.

From investing in your dream dress to booking the venue you’ve had your eye on forever and finding a professional wedding photographer whose work you absolutely love.

But as the reality of life takes over post-honeymoon, where are those wedding photos now? Perhaps stored on your computer’s hard drive, with a few posted to your social media accounts. A custom designed and printed wedding album is a beautiful way to showcase your images and give them the presentation they deserve.

If you’re yet to create your dream wedding album, here are five reasons why you should.

1. A wedding album is tangible

A wedding album is so much more than just your photos in print. It’s a physical memento that you can hold and touch, with a textured cover that’s handcrafted from high-quality materials. Having a physical book you can browse whenever you want to relive the moments and emotions from your special day is a completely different experience from scrolling through a folder on your smartphone or computer.

Consider how e-books have been around for years but people still go to traditional bookshops and libraries to read actual books! Similarly, there’s something special about holding a wedding album in your hands, rather than staring at a screen.  

2. To showcase your wedding photos to family and friends 

It goes without saying that you’ll probably share a few images from your wedding on your social media accounts. But what about sitting down with your partner, your family and friends to remember how special your wedding day was by flicking through a beautifully crafted, printed album?

A wedding album can be placed on your coffee table for family and friends to pick up when they visit and reminisce about those funny candid moments that went on behind the scenes. They’ll recount things that happened while you were busy taking portraits while you can share the excitement, nerves and love you were feeling on the day. 

So rather than inviting friends and family to view your photos online through a digital gallery, connect by inviting them around to your house to relive the day together. In addition, why not create a smaller copy for your parents and bridal party so they have it at their fingertips.

3. A wedding album tells a story

When designing a wedding album, you can organise your images chronologically to tell the entire story of your special day. From getting ready with your best friends to the first look with your love and the moment you say “I do”, a wedding album is a beautiful way to document the day comprehensively.

Aside from including classic portraits and family formals, don’t forget those candid moments imbued with emotion. Capture yourself walking down the aisle towards the love of your life and all the crazy dance floor action at your wedding reception. Looking through a wedding album is an experience that tells your love story in a way that digital photos can’t replicate.

4. It’s something to treasure and pass down through the generations

Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, including both highs and lows. Having a wedding album documenting one of the happiest days of your life is something you can reach for in tougher times. With a beautiful presentation box to protect it, your wedding album will be preserved for your children, your grandchildren and their children to admire. It’s a treasured keepsake that’s won’t end up lost when you upgrade your computer or accidentally throw out a USB drive.


5. Your wedding photos won’t be lost in digital mishaps


As convenient as digital technology is, there are no guarantees against hard drive (or external hard drive) crashes. In the blink of an eye, the wedding photos from your special day could be lost forever while sitting on a computer waiting for the day you finally get around to making the album. So stop putting it on the back burner and seize the day by starting your wedding album design process now!


Online wedding album designers are making it easier than ever to craft a bespoke album while doing the hard work of designing for you. PikPerfect’s wedding album books allow you to be in complete control of crafting your personal keepsake, without having to invest the significant time and effort it takes to design an album.


Simply share your wedding album vision with their expert designers and let them do the rest. All designs include unlimited free revision, so they’ll make sure the end result is absolutely perfect. You can also opt for a beautiful presentation box to protect your wedding album for many years to come.


If you don’t have time to sift through thousands of photos from your special day, you can also take advantage of PikPerfect’s optional Photo Selection Service and let a professional do it for you. Don’t worry! You’ll still get the final say of what makes the cut, ensuring the wedding album printing is just as you envisioned. 


Smaller copies of the main album also make for the perfect Christmas gift idea for  parents and other family and friends. What could be better than to gift them an album for helping with the wedding?