Why self storage businesses are taking off

Self Storage

Although self-storage companies have been around for decades, they have become increasingly popular in just the past five years or so.

Historically, the storage industry has had a rough time creating a positive image and being seen as more than just another junk storage solution or service. Today, however, new design techniques and modern storage needs are changing the way people see and use this industry.

Fewer Homeowners, More Transient Lifestyles

One of the most significant increases in the London self-storage industry is because fewer young people are buying homes. More people are renting or living mobile lifestyles where they need a permanent base to store their things. Studies show that as many as one-third of renters use ongoing storage for at least part of their belongings. Those who move more frequently, or who are awaiting permanent housing, are among the most frequent users of storage units today.

Better Facilities

Another big reason that people are starting to capitalize on storage units is because of the shift in the industry’s image. Rather than seeing these facilities as places to store junk, today’s storage unit renter is looking at modern facilities with amenities like tile floors instead of old-fashioned concrete, built-in counters, and other upgrades. Units also include better lighting, security gates, and key card access, and other perks. Because of these upgrades, more people are looking at storage as a luxury service.

More Stuff, No More Space

Although average home sizes haven’t grown much in the past decade, the number of personal effects that people hold has increased substantially. Homes and apartments do include storage spaces, but there is never enough room for everything. While a number of people simply choose to declutter and take a “less is more” approach, some like the idea of using self-storage so that they can store items, rather than get rid of them.

The Bottom Line

The self-storage industry is changing drastically, and quite rapidly at that. Regardless of the reasons, anyone who needs a little more room can benefit from this growth by looking into renting their own modern, upgraded storage unit.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash