Why Symfony Framework is so popular?

office music

Development is synonymous with playing music. A web application should be responsive in all aspects. It should work coherently to respond to the needs of the users.

Just the same way each musical equipment plays a crucial role to ensure the musical composition is harmoniously done.

As you might have correctly guessed, the essence of such a comparison is to introduce you to the most melodious technology which is no other than Symfony.

What does the Symfony framework mean?

Symfony is an open source PHP framework that has an MVC architecture. It is a popular application framework common among the community of open source developers. Its primary purpose is to build high-performance complex web applications.

Symfony has a competitive edge over the other web PHP frameworks available like Cake PHP, Zend, Codeigniter, and Laravel. Symfony still ranks higher in many aspects of web application development.

The Symfony framework was built to eliminate the stressful coding process and save the time of development. Its focus is to enable users to create software that will meet their own needs. Developers may add their modules subsequently as it grows. Symfony simplifies coding for developers and makes it a lot easier due to its readily available high-end framework configuration and component. Symfony is a vital aspect of PHP5 and a skeleton of your application. It defines the architecture and style of your product.

Who created the symfony framework?

Fabien Potencier was the project founder that released the first version of Symfony in October 2005. Fabien is the owner of SensioLabs, a French web agency with innovative ideas about web development.

First, Fabien used Symfony to execute a few projects. He decided to release it under an open source license. He wanted the community to benefit from his user feedback. Hence, he donated the work to the community.

How popular is the symfony framework?

As at today, 82,8% of all websites in the world are created with PHP programming language. Among CodeIgniter and Laravel, Symfony ranked third.

The benefits of the Symfony framework

High flexibility

Symfony is known for its rich features in PHP framework. There are two distinct features that make it stand out from the rest, and they are Components and Bundles.

The company behind the technology

Symfony is among the few frameworks that are commercially supported. SensioLabs is actively promoting it.


Symfony enables developers and businesses to customize features and make their applications as user-oriented as they desire. It can also scale up projects using the advanced OOPS service architecture.

Flexible and user-friendly

Symfony framework has been largely adopted across the developer’s community, from newbies to pros, it has become increasingly popular. It is a great tool for configuration as it gives you full access to crucial features of development.


With these facts, it is obvious that Symfony is one of the best framework suitable for application development. It is ideal for large-scale projects due to its unique advantages.

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