Why more small local businesses are turning to the internet for marketing

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Online marketing is a way in which businesses can extend their reach and build clientele on the internet.

In other words, it allows businesses to draw an increase in their notoriety. This, in turn, can positively impact their business. It is known as one of the most effective ways to build and grow a company, mostly because the internet is a place where countless people around the world congregate every day to search, explore, investigate, and uncover.

Online marketing takes advantage of this, whether through advertising, social media, or just through creating a company website.

How does online marketing work?


Online marketing can take a multitude of forms. The most engaging of these is the use of websites. Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and web design are the three pillars of digital marketing using websites. Many digital marketing agencies, like aaadigitalmarketing.com, provide these three services to their clients.

The three pillars are optimized to ensure that searchers are drawn to a businesses’ site in every step of the process. SEO is the use of certain keywords and phrases that would place a site at the top of the list when a customer searches for a specific product, service, or inquiry. In other words, SEO makes it more likely for potential customers to find the site to begin with, and to click on it.

Web design influences whether the customer is able to easily navigate and find the product or information they seek, and finally, content marketing ensures that they are engaged with and fully understand what it is that the small business offers.

So why? Why do Local Businesses need the internet?

The headlines don’t lie. From HuffPost’s ‘Why Small Businesses Need Online Marketing,’ to Forbes’ ‘The Secret to Taking Your Small Business Global,’ online marketing is becoming an increasingly important topic for small business owners.

In some ways, online marketing may make or break the success of an online business. As the Huffington Post article emphasizes, local businesses are expected to compete with huge national companies and brands for their customers’ attention and business.

On Google, the most popular search engine, there are close to five billion searches every day. Not to mention the countless views and engagement with company pages on social media platforms. The internet has become the way to reach people—and therefore, to grow small businesses.

Online marketing is a way in which small businesses can draw in recognition and business on a scale that would otherwise be impossible. If a business doesn’t have a website or social media, not only does it lack the increased engagement that these things may provide, but it becomes less trustworthy to people. Sometimes, seeing what a business offers before stopping by is a defining factor in the shopping process. Without the internet, small businesses could never compete with larger, well-known brands. Online marketing levels the playing field.