Why is Ready Steady Bounce the Best for Bouncy Castle Hire in London

Hiring a bouncy castle to entertain children and adults during an event either at home or a corporate level, is a great idea.

For affordable and quality bouncy castle hire in London, consider Ready Steady Bounce as your best choice. We offer competent and services that are worth your money all around London. Here are a number of advantage and value you get from Ready Steady Bounce Castle (if you hire from them);

Affordable Hiring Cost

You do not need to spend too much to have a bouncy castle in your event. We have very pocket-friendly hiring rates and provide a wide range of offers for different categories.  Different Bouncy castles are charged differently depending on their features. The varieties allow almost everybody in London to afford a bouncy castle hire for their event. Duration which you intend to use our bouncy castle also determines what we charge. With this factor in place, you are able to earn discounts and great offers if you hire for more days. You get to enjoy yourselves in our great castles without adding too much to your budget.

Short notice booking and appropriate inspection

Are you late to book your bouncy castle for hire and afraid of making a poor choice? Relax. Our company is aware of many life hustles that can lead to a last-minute booking. We don’t allow you to pick just any castle, we will not punish you because you are late. Instead, our professional and swift team will take you through our wide variety of castles and help you select the best that suits your event. Though time plays a critical role and you have an opportunity to think about each offer, we do our best to ensure we offer maximum support at shortest notice.

If you are hiring a castle for the first time, we take you through the entire inspection service. Our duty is to educate you on what to expect from a quality and safe bouncy castle. When you are knowledgeable on what to expect when making a choice, you can choose to go through the castles and inspect again independently or with one of our team members. The general status of all the castles is always be up to standard and perfectly maintained.

Professional Operators

Our operators are adequately trained and with lengthy experience working with bouncy castles. This is evident by how well they have maintained each and every castle in the company. They do not compromise even the least of maintenance and operational feature for the castles. They have always made sure the manufactures recommended standards are maintained. The castles are never delivered to our customers without a thorough check on wear, tear or any form of weakness.

Every of our professional understand that safety is a number one priority. They are well familiar with all the safety measures and requirement. They give professional advice on safety to avoid unnecessary risk before and after delivery. They are also trained on how to act professionally in case of an incident such as a minor accident. You want to hire from us for operators with reputable safety records and cares about user experience.

Safety standards and breath-taking services

Hiring a bouncing castle should not only be entertaining when you jump and roll but the whole experience should be easy and memorable. We take your overall experience and safety seriously. Our job is to make your event smooth by giving you the knowledge and advice. We give our professional advice depending on your type of event. We are also available to visit your site and recommend what would be best for your ground. We have offered our services to different parties and events so we have a past experience that can be extremely helpful to a wide range of events.

Our company is licensed by the relevant authority who ensure we have all safety measures in place.  We always prefer when we can come to your home or event to install the bouncy castle to make sure we leave it stable and safe.  We have quality and recommended anchors that secure the equipment to the ground. This enhances the stability and the castle cannot be moved by wind or user activities. If a customer prefers installing themselves, we give the needed advice and follow up to ensure it is safe.

On request we leave one of our operators to supervise the children’s activities. Alternatively, we advise on who should be given the role and what they should be looking out for during the activities. We give information on height weight and number of children who should be playing in the castle at ago. This depends on the type of bouncy castle since different bouncy castle handle specific capacity and group of people. We offer lengthy and helpful guide to our client on handling the castles to avoid risks that can be costly and ruin the event.


Our bouncing castle have all the safety features in place including a secure anchorage system. We also have mats well-paced at entry and exits. Besides the common features, we have a variety of bouncy castles that come with extra features for exciting activities.  Other features enable users to enjoy activities such as climbing and extra-long slides for an awesome adrenaline rush. We also give game ideas that can be played in the castles beside the jumps. The more you are able to do in a bouncy castle setting the better.


Quality entertainment is essential for every event. If you are planning to have an exciting event for children or adults, hire a dynamic and fun filled bouncy castle from our reputable company. Our aim is to provide hours of enjoyment and fun activities throughout your event. We have bouncy castle that will fit your theme of the day and with your most preferred features. Bouncing castles keep children busy and entertained during birthday parties and other events. If you are looking for London Bouncy Castle Rental, you can hire from Ready Steady Bounce for quality fun time in your event.