Three unexpected golfing positives that have come from the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s been a long three months without soaking up the sun on the green, but with the UK government’s roadmap giving us a date to put in the diary for reopening – the light is finally at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, there hasn’t been much to celebrate over the past 12 months but when it comes to golf, there have been a few positive nuggets to take from the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, with preparations in place for a slow return to normalcy – today we’re taking a reflective look over the past year, in particular focusing on the unexpected positives that have come out of the pandemic for our beloved golfing community.

1. A much needed break for the green

We don’t know about you, but we love any excuse to take to the links. In fact, most golfers claim to indulge in their hobby at least once a week during peak season, so it’s no surprise that during the periods where golfing was allowed over 2020, the green took a bit of a battering.

Increased footfall and the British weather meant that pitch marks and divots were at an all time high before the most recent lockdown, certainly not ideal golfing conditions.

But – we’ve had a few weeks of warm sunshine during the past three months, and with no traffic, the courses have been able to have some much needed recovery time for when we do return on the 29th March.

2. Save money

The truth is that the pandemic has had a crippling financial impact on so many people. Businesses have sadly had to close their doors, with many other industries struggling to stay afloat as they await the day their doors can reopen.

On the flipside of this though, are the individuals who have had no choice but to save their money due to a severe lack of options! As golf courses have been closed, avid players have saved unprecedented amounts of money on everything from travel costs and food and drink at the club to those after-the-game-beers down at the pub.

This means that as we approach the big day of reopen, we can actually afford to celebrate in style with new golf clothes and maybe a new piece of tech too! After all, the courses may be off limits right now, but some of our favourite brands have continued to release highly anticipated electric golf trolleys, clubs and accessories. What’s not to love about that?

3. Injury recovery time

If you’re a regular golf player, you may have stiff joints or more severe injuries that rarely get proper time to rest. Whether it’s a weak ankle or a bad back, the lockdown and lack of time on the green has been the perfect opportunity for us to rest our bodies, allowing our injuries to recover properly.

This isn’t only necessary for your health, but it also means that come 29th March when we return to the course, your form will be better than ever before!

Are you ready for the grand reopening of your local golf course?

We’re all very excited about the day that the green is back open for business, can you tell? We’re sure you share our enthusiasm, but if you’ve not started preparations yet, then now is the time to start!

It isn’t long at all now, so whether it’s replacing old kit or treating yourself to something brand-new like an electric golf trolley – don’t delay. We want everyone to be game-fit come the 29th March 2021.