Why consumers’ love for coupons will never die

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There are very few people who would turn their noses up at a bargain. Couponing is making it easier than ever before to save money on the items we love to purchase, with more than 90% of consumers proudly admitting to using a voucher or discount code at least once in the last 12 months.

The couponing culture is prevalent across the UK high street, and says a lot about consumers and their shopping habits. So, why do consumers love coupons so much?

Consumers can’t get enough of savings

There’s something particularly thrilling about saving money, and we don’t just mean the joy occasioned by putting a little extra change back into your purse or wallet after every transaction. Getting away with a bargain is exciting, almost naughty, as we imagine the absolute steal that we’ve just made off with.

The deals are valid and encouraged, of course, but that doesn’t alter the fact that consumers are motivated by the thrill of entering a discount code and seeing the total plummet. Coupons offer their own reward, and are endlessly satisfying however they’re applied.

The rise of online couponing

If consumers were ever tempted to forgo couponing then the rise of savings websites was always sure to lure them back again. Our consumer culture thrives on convenience, which WeDoSavings UK is able to offer in abundance. What could be easier than coupons and the latest discounts sent directly to your email inbox, or mobile device via an app?

WeDoSavings is the latest UK coupon, discount and price comparison website to tempt shoppers. Its personalised interface matches members with the products they love to buy the most. Shoppers regularly save up to 50% on their favourite purchases, and can create wish lists of the products they wish to hear about most often.

While other couponing websites have been accused of bombarding consumers with deals they don’t care about, WeDoSavings harnesses the latest digital technologies via a powerful algorithm. Only the most relevant coupons and discounts, which are determined by consumer preference, are ever forwarded on to those with a membership.

Coupon-savvy consumers are invited to create a free account, which provides access to daily deals, seasonal bargains and coupons for hundreds of products. WeDoSavings takes the hassle out of searching for, and clipping coupons by ensuring that the best discounts are only a tap away.

Those craving customised offers are invited to sign up for an extended account, which costs just £9.99 per month. The enhanced membership offers personalised discounts based upon spending habits, daily deal alerts and a utility switch manager. WeDoSavings reviews are in, and consumers love this quick, convenient and personable method of gaining the very best discounts via the high street and Internet.

WeDoSavings is a UK brand for UK consumers, offering its members the deals that mean the most to them. When shopping is this convenient, customers are unlikely to give up on those coupons just yet.

Coupons entice us with new experiences

WeDoSavings offerscustomised deals and coupons, allowing consumers to shop more readily for their favourite items, but there are hundreds of other discounts available via the site, and elsewhere. The couponing culture helps shoppers to trial thousands of brands and products that they may never have heard of before, simply by putting that item within budget at last.

Coupons allow consumers to live a little more vicariously, and invite them to enjoy new experiences and events. You never know, you may just discover a new favourite brand in the process.

Savings encourage brand loyalty

Discounts make consumers feel special and valued by brands. We appreciate the effort that a particular brand has gone to in order to keep our custom, especially when those discounts have come directly via social media, a members’ app or newsletter, or a sign-up account with WeDoSavings.

Manufacturers know this; coupons are a great way for retailers to build and maintain relationships with customers, and to find out spending habits and personality traits. There’s a lot to be learned from the way that shoppers source and use discounts, and the consumer is always quids in as a result.

It’s easier than ever to save

Clipping coupons was once a hobby in itself, with consumers spending many hours scouring packaging, newspapers and magazines, and classified advertisements in search of savings. These days there are just as many deals to be found online, as brands take to social media in an effort to attract custom. Of course, it doesn’t get any easier than an account with a savings website, or an app.

Consumers love coupons because they’re convenient to get hold of, easy to spend and targeted to their needs and desires. We don’t want to work hard in order to get the products we use every day. It has never been easier to make huge savings on the most beloved brands, particularly with companies like WeDoSavingson the couponing scene.

It’s quite clear that consumers’ love of coupons and couponing are unlikely to cease any time soon – not while opportunities for savings are so abundant, and easily achieved. Coupons fulfil our appreciation for bargains and our desire to come away with more than we’d budgeted for, and ensure that items on our wish lists are more obtainable than ever before. Targeted discounts make consumers feel valued and understood. In fact, there’s no denying the thrill that they elicit whenever you’re able to get a product far cheaper than you’d been expecting. What a rush!


Put simply, coupons create valuable relationships between consumers, brands and retailers, and make us far more likely to put our hands into our pockets for products we may previously have forgone for the sake of our budgets. Coupons put items within our grasp, and invite us to become a part of a phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down. The couponing culture is more popular than ever before, thanks to the prevalence of digital coupons and discount websites. At last, all of the discounts we could ever need are at our fingertips – and who wouldn’t want to make the most of such savings?