Why business travellers prefer apartments to hotels


People have been traveling for work for countless years and have always needed places to spend a night or even longer.

Whilst hotels or motels have been the go-to for businessmen and women around the US for many years, there is a new kind of accommodation that is taking the world of business travel by storm: furnished apartments to rent. There are many reasons why you should choose furnished apartments to rent over hotels for your business travels, and here’s why.


One of the biggest benefits of staying in apartments rather than hotels is that they come with a fully equipped kitchen, meaning that they can actually save you money as you don’t have to spend your cash eating out or ordering unhealthy takeout. Cooking healthy meals in your own apartment will not only make you less homesick, but choosing to cook rather than eat out every day is incredibly good for your body, and also for the state of your mind. Make sure that when you’re traveling for business, you are looking after your body and mind, and the best way to do this is with a homecooked meal in a beautiful homey apartment.

Good Locations

Apartments are some of the best types of accommodation for business trips as they are often situated right in the middle of popular cities or close to important business districts where you may potentially be working. Whilst staying in these wonderful locations, you will have easy access not only to your place of work, but also to leisure activities such as shopping, going to the movies or even enjoying the nightlife (if you have a day off work the next day!)

You can find apartments that are perfect for business travelers in a wide variety of popular cities throughout the US, so you’ll be sure to find one close to your workplace that also has wonderful views and leisure opportunities.

If you’re traveling to Los Angeles, Blueground provides a huge number of furnished apartments in the city that you can rent for your business trip at a competitive price. Check out some of their beautiful apartments at www.theblueground.com/furnished-apartments-los-angeles-usa to book the perfect place to stay on your next business trip. Some of these apartments come with pools, gyms, and even pet spas, so there’s something for everyone!

Long Stays

Something that can be incredibly annoying about business trips is that a trip can last for a long period of time or sometimes fluctuate and increase unexpectedly. But this is where you can get the most benefits from staying in an apartment rather than in a hotel.

The flexibility that comes with staying in an apartment means that you don’t have to have a minimum stay, which can be required from some hotels in order to book. If you’re booking a business trip for a large group of people, it’s also possible to book multiple apartments for long periods of time for every member of staff to stay in.

Some rented apartments also let you rent out common rooms for a long period of time if you and your colleagues need to work together in a group and don’t want to invade each other’s personal space.

Comfort of Home

One of the worst things about traveling for business is that you are away from home, family, and pets, so feeling homesick can be a huge possibility and also a huge issue when you’re trying to focus on your work. This is also one of the reasons why hotels aren’t favored by business travelers anymore; they’re far too impersonal and encourage the feeling of isolation  that you may be feeling in a strange new city, and that’s why renting apartments has become the best way for business travelers to cope with being away from their family.

With a rented apartment, you feel like you are returning home at the end of the day rather than returning to a hotel in a strange city. Living in a hotel for a long time can feel very restrictive as you are stuck in one tiny room, whilst rented apartments give you the option to choose between a number of bedrooms and have a fully furnished living room that will make you feel more at home.

The next time that you are traveling for business, don’t go straight to hotel sites to find your home for the week – look instead at renting an apartment. There are endless benefits to rented apartments that will be sure to make your business trip not only less stressful but also more comforting and can limit your chances of feeling homesick.

There are beautifully decorated and fully furnished apartments to rent in almost every major US city, so when you next need to travel for work, make sure that you check out apartments to find the best deals on business accommodation.