What landing pages are and how to use them for your business

Landing pages

A landing page can be your home page. It could also be an article or a product page.

A landing page can be any page on your website, so long as it is the final destination for any marketing or PPC campaign you have invested in.

Done right a landing page can further your goals and help convince potential customers along the next step of the buying process.

What are Landing Pages?

A landing page is any page on your website that has been optimised to fulfil on the promise of any inbound channel. From a social media post to an advertising campaign. It is the destination you provide that should give your customers everything they need to buy, sign-up, subscribe or hire.

The Benefits of Landing Pages

There are so many benefits of landing pages.

Landing Pages Are Great for SEO

Landing pages give each page a very specific topic, which makes them great for SEO and for ranking on the keywords you want to rank on.

Landing Pages Improve Conversion Rates

A great landing page is going to help boost your conversion rate, but it is important to work with a digital marketing specialist. There are multiple levels of the buying cycle that you can target, and each has its own benefits and downsides. With an agency like Soap Media, you can work out the best multi-faceted approach and truly use your content to see greater conversion rates once and for all.

How to Use Landing Pages for Your Business

There are multiple ways that you can use landing pages in your business. Just look at what an optimized home page can bring:

  1. Greater conversion
  2. More Click-Throughs
  3. Brand recognition

This can be done with all landing pages, with the added bonus of:

  1. Increasing sales
  2. Increasing sign-ups
  3. Increasing newsletter subscriptions

Location Pages

Location pages can help convert customers on a local scale. Instead of targeting everyone equally, give them the personal touch. Advertise based on where they are located so that you are an easy and convenient option available to them. Have a landing page for each location you have or you serve so that when they visit your site, they feel like they’ve met the perfect company for them.

Service Pages

Service pages are another type of landing page that should always be invested in. This means having one page that outlines all of your services or products, and then subpages for the subcategories.

Having these pages makes the intent of your page much clearer, which is why it will help you boost your conversion rates organically and with paid advertising.

Custom-Made Pages

Some landing pages are created specifically for the advertising campaign that you have in mind. If you are planning on hosting a big charity event, or are building up interest over a new product launch, then creating a landing page specifically for this purpose is a smart move.

You need an official destination for all of your efforts that is optimized both for the advertising campaign and for search engines. This way, you can boost your reach and visibility just as you work to improve the conversion rate of your campaign.