What is digital pet sitting and how does it work?

dog sitting

Did you know that many dogs are stressed when they are left alone? Studies have shown that a dog’s level of cortisol in the blood can increase and even spike during the whole time your dog is left alone.

There are traditional ways in which you can look after your pets, such as hiring a sitter or working from home. But nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, there is also the possibility to digitally pet sit.  

Keep reading to learn more about digital pet sitting and how it works.

Digital Pet Sitting

Pets get lonely when they are left unattended for long periods. Whether you have a dog, cat, or a hamster, they all like to have attention throughout the day. (Source: https://www.petspring.com.au/)

What is digital pet sitting? Digital pet sitting is an alternative way in which you can interact with your pet during the day, when you can’t be there with them.

There are a range of technologies available that you can install in your house, which can help you keep an eye on your pet during the day and even interact with them, so they don’t get as lonely or stressed. And also so you don’t need to feel as guilty when you have to leave them.

Types of Digital Pet Sitting

There are recording devices that allow you to record your voice and then when your pet becomes distressed, the software detects this and plays your voice to the animal.

For example your dog might start barking and then the software will activate your voice and your dog may feel comforted by it.

Another type of digital pet sitting includes setting up cameras and monitors around your house, so you can see what your pet is getting up to and you can also communicate virtually with them if you need to.

You can even get a camera that has a treat dispenser. So you can train and reward your pet even when you can’t be at home. The camera lets you see, talk, train, and treat your dog over your phone.

Is Digital Pet Sitting Right for You?

Some people might prefer the traditional pet sitting methods, but this does rely on having a trusted person to go to your home and look after your pet.

Or you might prefer looking after your pet yourself, but sometimes your boss might not let you work from home.

This is where digital pet sitting might be a great idea for you, on the days where you can’t be at home, or can’t find someone to look after your pet, you can always check in on them and interact with the virtually.

Advances in technology are making digital pet sitting an easier and more interactive way to be with your pet, even when you can’t physically be there. 

If you can’t afford the technology for digital pet sitting, there is always the option of making your pet earn money and then you can afford to look after your pet virtually.

Image source: Pixabay | Image author: StockSnap