Tech Funding Rounds

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Did you know that 2018 marked the year of the most amount of money to be invested in the highest number of private tech companies?

Tech firms in London raked in £1.8 billion in venture funding and public listings in 2018. Whilst across the world, in Australia, startups and young tech companies received $1.066 billion in funding.

Keep on reading, to discover more about the latest tech funding rounds.

What Are Funding Rounds?

Funding rounds are when a company receives money that is raised by a investor (or a group of investors) for a business. They are often given a letter, for example Round A, Round B, etc. The letter refers to how many times the company has had funding.

Funding rounds are often used by startup companies who have a business idea but need funding to get the business up and running. The type of funding available for your business depends on the industry, the level of interest in potential investors, and other factors.

Generally speaking, a startup business will start out with seed funding or with an angel investor. The startup will then go through rounds of necessary funding, depending on how much money the business needs.

Types of shares that are being offered can also play a part in what type of funding round a business can get.

What Type of Tech Funding Rounds Are There?

The type of tech funding rounds vary vastly depending on whereabouts in the world you are based.  

Overall, funding for tech companies proved to be very strong in 2018, and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2019.

There are well over 100 funding events in Australia, all with different funding types. Australian tech companies can find funding with accelerator program funding, equity crowdfunding, grants, and private investments. (Source:

Similarly, there are over 100 funding events and investors in the UK, all featuring different funding types that meet different startups requirements.

Most Active Investors

In 2018, there were many Seed and Angel investors that were backing up startups all around the world. The most active ones were: Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Techstars, Hiventures Investment Fund, and SOSV. It is estimated that in 2018, $14.94 billion was invested in seed-stage deals.

The most active Early-Stage investors in 2018 were: IDG Capital, Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital China, Accel, and New Enterprise Associates. Throughout 2018, it is estimated that early-stage investors contributed $117.65 billion for companies.

The most active Late-Stage investors in 2018 were: Tencent Holdings, Goldman Sachs, New Enterprise Associates, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Sequoia Capital. Worldwide is it estimated that $192.2 billion was invested in late-stage deals.

Fund Your Tech Startup

There are a variety of different funding options available for all companies worldwide, but especially for tech companies. 

So if you are just beginning your tech business, or need some additional funding to help your business grow, then do some research and find out what opportunities and funding events are available.

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