What is an important criteria for buying glasses?

Glass wearing

Nowadays people take an entire day to buy anything online because of the wide variety of options available in the market and being able to see them sitting at home in our jammies and sipping tea just makes it enjoyable.

In case you just returned from an eye test and need new glasses, then you are just at the right spot. Glasses are a big purchase irrespective of their size because they will stay on your face and that is a big enough reason to buy them in a stylish design, and another reason is that they provide function like clear vision and will be with you for a longer time hence they need to be comfortable.

There are so many reasons to wear glasses, not only do they make us more attractive and intelligent, but also we appear to be more trustworthy and reliable. You look intelligent, you make fashion statements and also look mysterious.

There is no wonder why Sherlock Holmes and Clark Kent wear glasses. Glasses cover not only the eyes but also the surrounding part of the face, the cheekbone and frown lines. People with glasses become more sharp and attentive because they always face forward due to the lenses and turn attentive.

Now that you know you’ll gain a superpower with your new glasses, can you buy a pair of glasses with all these essential factors? Fortunately, it is possible to obtain an ideal pair of glasses that are customised for your size and looks good on you. Read on to find the essential criteria to consider carefully before purchasing eyeglasses.

All about the Frames style

The first and foremost pair of buying glasses is finding a frame that suits you. The right choice of colour, material, size and style is essential for comfortable wearing experience. Here are the top 4 factors that you should definitely look for, while buying the best frame.

A frame that suits your face shape

When you look for frames that suit your face shape, it should highlight your facial features. Please take a look in the mirror and decide what face shape you have and once you do that, look for different frames that will soften your features and highlight them according to your shape of the face.

Always remember to find a frame style that is in contrast with your face shape, for example, people with round face shape should get glasses with square or rectangle frame so that the singularities in the frames soften out the roundness of the face shape. Decide which frame style based on your face shape will flatter you the best.

  • Round Face Shape – Best with Square, Rectangle or Cat-Eye Frame
  • Frames to avoid: Round, rimless and small frames
  • Diamond Face Shape – Suitable for Oversized Frame either Round, Cat-eye or Clubmaster
  • Frames to avoid: Narrow or wayfarer or square frames.
  • Rectangular Face Shape- Suitable for Round, Oval or Cat-eye frame
  • Frames to avoid- Rectangular or square frames
  • Square Face Shape – Suitable with Round, Rectangular or Aviator Frame
  • Frames to avoid- Boxy and angular frames
  • Oval Face Shape -Oval face is excellent for any frame design hence all are equally recommended
  • Frames to avoid- Oversized or small size frames
  • Triangle Face Shape- Suitable with Aviators, Round, Oval or Clubmaster
  • Frames to avoid – Rectangular or cat-eye frames

Frames that complement your skin tone

Skin colour also plays a significant role because the frame colour shouldn’t overshadow your skin colour, but besides that it should entirely create a perfect balance. We all are diverse in terms of food and culture, so are our skin tones. The main rule for glasses that complement your skin tone is by choosing them similar to the colour of your skin tone, don’t create a conflict between the colours because they might look odd.

Warm Skin Tones – Yellowish, bronze or golden cast skin have such warm complexion, and the best frames for these tones are Tortoiseshell, red-purple mix, brown, gold or honey and beige.

Cool Skin Tone – Pink or blue undertones are exhibited by cool complexion skin tone and the best frames for these times are Dark tortoise, Maroon, Purple, Black, Silver, Mahogany, Mauve and Gray.

Frame material that suits your lifestyle

What’s your lifestyle? Are you a student, coder, teacher or adult in their 50’s or above and then determine the frame material you’ll need? If you are a college student, you’ll need glasses with acetate frames for the active style, or if you are into art, then metal or titanium frames are useful as give you a subtle look to complement your profession. If you are into fashion and style, then a mix of both metal and acetate does the right justice.

Businessmen or women go for rimless frames for their modern cut design and ethereal feel, but if you are an older person, then you can go for wooden frames or thick acetate frames. Frame material goes according to your profession, the more active lifestyle you have, you’ll need a sturdy and robust frame and the less indoor lifestyle you have, any frame style is good to go.

Choose your personal style: Don’t follow the usual crowd.

Don’t just jump to designer glasses because let’s be real, all that’s good about the designer tag is the high price. Go for spectacle frames that suit your style and stop following the usual trend of celebrities and models. Look for something unique that is designed according to your personality and looks unique. If glasses don’t suit you, try 1 day oasys from acuvue.

All about the lens type and extras

The most apparent thing about glasses after frames are the lens. Lenses are manufactured to fit your required prescription efficiently to provide you with clear vision. Here are the things you should keep in mind while getting the right lenses.

Go for lenses with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance add-ons.

The biggest reason behind people going for lens replacement is that the lenses get easily scratched or broken; it’s essential to assure their robust built and durability before buying. Eyewear brands provide add-ons such as anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance to protect them for more prolonged use and also to ensure proper vision. Make sure to buy lenses with such added protective coating for longevity.

These were the essential things you must keep in your mind while buying a new pair of spectacle frames. Specscart provides the prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses in a wide variety of designer and unique frames style that matched your style and persona. They offer their lenses with free protective add-ons of anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance so go ahead and try their glasses with a free home trial for full 7 days.