What Businesses Performed the Best During the Pandemic?


The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t a direct downfall of humankind. Given the adaptable nature of our race, we’ve been able to adapt to the pandemic’s conditions quite well. In fact, a select number of businesses/industries have been able to even thrive during the dark times of COVID-19.

Naturally, the best part is that they didn’t take advantage of anything. The demand for certain products and services increased drastically and those that were sharp enough to notice it are now collecting the profit.

Here are the most successful businesses of the COVID-19 pandemic!

Home Delivery Services

People in certain countries have spent entire weeks or months in government-imposed quarantine. Naturally, they were allowed to go shopping, but governments advised them to do so only when it was essential.

As such, it goes without saying why home delivery services are now among the best-performing businesses out there. UberEats, for example, rose almost as high as the Uber service itself.

Obviously, every restaurant, coffee shop, and so on that decided to implement a takeaway or home delivery system are now enjoying safe and steady profit, despite the restrictions that come or might come again due to the pandemic.

Recreational Drugs

Given that people were pretty much stuck in their homes, they became stressed and anxious. Even those that enjoyed the fact that they could work from home 24/7 soon became worried about the fact that they don’t leave their house anymore.

This is where recreational products and other similar products come in. A CBD cream from Joy Organics, for example, is the ideal choice for women that want to relax and take care of their skin as well.

Men, on the other hand, might indulge in more potent products, such as CBD vape oils or edibles. Nevertheless, recreational drugs – mainly CBD – have seen a major increase during 2020-2021.

Video Game Companies

2020 saw almost any type of game become a hit as people had the time to explore the new releases. In fact, the entire last year had more extremely popular games than all the previous two to three years.

This allowed video game companies to capitalize on the fact that people were stuck home and, in most cases, they did own a game console or a gaming PC. Famous games came from both reputed and indie developers – and this trend seems to be continuing in 2021 with the likes of Valheim, which became Steam’s new hit in just a couple of weeks.

Tutoring Services/Platforms

With so much free time on their hands, people decided that this is a good time to learn a new skill and even get a certificate for one of them. As such, tutoring platforms and services got to be more than just popular!

Platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy, and so on have dropped the prices on thousands of classes/courses thanks to the massive influx of users. Naturally, given that some lost their jobs due to the pandemic, a certificate earned online could be their ticket into a new, better-paying job.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, people slowly guided themselves toward increased convenience and the online environment. Even if some restrictions were lifted, the accessibility and now-low prices of home delivery services still win their hearts in the favor of fancy restaurants and such.

On the other hand, since the need for relaxation is there as well, some directed themselves towards recreation, video games, and so on. Obviously, there are those that started looking for online career opportunities as well.