The most popular businesses launched during lockdown revealed

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An analysis of new website creations during the past three months has discovered the most popular lockdown business launches.

The results reveal delivery services, primarily in the food and drink sector, take the top spot, followed by personal trainers and cleaning companies. The service also discovered that women aged between 35-49 were most likely to have started a business online during lockdown and Bristol is the UK city which saw the most entrepreneurs take the leap into business in the last three months.

A website building service has revealed food and drink delivery services have been the most popular business to start during lockdown, followed by personal trainers and cleaning companies.

To find the top businesses started during lockdown, Web Eden analysed customer enquiries and internal data of new sites created between 16th March and 16th June, to reveal the most popular types of business to have launched online while the UK was under lockdown restrictions.

The eight most popular types of business started during lockdown are:

1. Independent food and drink delivery services

2. Personal trainers

3. Cleaning companies

4. Personal blogs

5. Crafting/gifts

6. Tutoring

7. Service/consulting businesses (e.g. marketing, accountants, PR, etc.)

8. Sextech

Web Eden saw a 340% increase in web traffic to its site in April, compared to February, with new start-ups being the most popular customer during this time, followed by small hospitality businesses.

As a result of the pandemic, Web Eden is currently offering a free website to any business for the rest of 2020.

When user data was analysed, Web Eden also discovered that women were more likely to have started a business during lockdown than men, with women accounting for almost two thirds of all registrations.

In terms of age demographics, those aged between 35-49 years old were the most likely to create a website and launch a new business, followed by those aged 18-34 and between 50-65.

In terms of geographic spread across the UK, the South West and Bristol enjoyed the largest share of website registrations followed by London and the East Midlands.

Subscription services look to be on the rise with almost half of the new businesses featuring some form of subscription. The most popular type of business to incorporate subscriptions was the food and drink delivery services, followed by sustainable product sellers.

Web Eden is an easy to use website builder for people looking for a high quality site across mobiles, tablets and desktops. It is free to build a website on Web Eden and there is currently an offer in place where it is free to publish your website for 2020.

Henry Lewington, founder of Web Eden, said:“It is amazing to see Britain’s entrepreneurial spirit persevere through these testing times and especially great to see people turn their hobbies into micro-businesses. I really hope their businesses continue to thrive  and that more people will be inspired to pursue their passion.

“Even without the impact of a global pandemic, in today’s digitalised world, to thrive as a business you really need to have an online presence. A strong online presence will convey a legitimate operation and act as a window into your company, where first impressions will most likely be made. It can be a way to not only find new customers but an easy way to improve relationships with your existing customers.”