Ways of insuring your smartphone

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The word “insurance” usually brings to mind the act of getting an insurance policy. It’s a way of securing something from unexpected damage or disasters.

However, when it comes to smartphones, it may not only refer to the typical indemnity or reimbursement policy offered by financial services companies.

Gadget insurance

Yes, insurance for smartphones and other gadgets does exist. You can buy a policy that protects your newly bought device from accidental damage and defects that may not be covered by the warranty. It’s a particularly good way to make sure that you don’t flush down the drain the money you spent on an expensive device. There are insurance underwriting specialists that determine the risk and exposure of potential clients. They quantify the coverage assigned to a specific client as well as the amount they should pay for the insurance.

Gadget insurance policies, like smartphone insurance usually cover the full cost of the repair or replacement of a damaged, stolen, or lost device. The coverage usually includes cracked displays, defects caused by water exposure, and accidental damage. They are available as multi-device plans or separate policies for different gadgets. These insurance policies are usually offered by network providers, gadget retailers, and specialist insurance companies. Getting this kind of insurance is advisable for those who frequently lose or damage their devices.

Physical insurance

Another way to “insure” your device is to protect it physically. The phrase “to insure” can also mean to be careful or certain in doing something. You can do this by getting a case or smart cover. There are many kinds of smartphone cases that are designed to afford protection against scratches and drops. Rubbery cases can reduce the chances of your device breaking when it drops. These shock-proofing cases or smart covers can turn an ordinary smartphone into something typically marketed as a rugged gadget.

Also, there are cases that can provide waterproofing and dust protection for smartphones. These are specially crafted protection covers that can be made airtight to prevent dust, spillage, or soaking from damaging a device. What’s even better about these cases or covers is that they come in a wide variety of designs. They don’t only protect gadgets, but they can also create variety in appearance. You can buy different cases to match with your other accessories.

Physically protecting your smartphone ensures that it is unlikely to suffer major damage after it falls to the floor or bumps into something hard. Why would you need to go through the hassle of processing an insurance claim for a cracked screen or damaged hardware if you can prevent such damage using a high-quality case or smart cover?

There is no dichotomy here, though. You can have both an insurance policy and physical insurance for your device. You don’t have to choose one or the other. It would even be advisable to use all possible ways of protecting your gadget. The protection of a case or cover reduces the chances of physically damaging your device, but it cannot do anything against theft or the loss of a device. Hence, it also makes sense getting insurance and advice from the experts in the industry.