What are the best payment solutions?

paying by debit card

Thinking of setting up E-Commerce or in startup phase without online payment integration?

Your business will lack far behind if you are not offering online payment solutions to customers.

Customers want a secure and reliable payment solution to make a transaction online and purchase business offering of a product or service.

Web developers are required to make payments system user-friendly and secure to the utmost level. This also depends on which payment solution provider is offered by an online business website.

We’ve come up with 5 best payment solutions which will allow you to make easy and fast money transfers for your shopping carts.


PayPal is one of the globally recognized Online Payment gateways widely used payment method by most E-commerce platforms. PayPal is easy to use and enhances the checkout experience of the website visitors as it auto-fills shipping and billing data of the customer.

Paypal enjoys 80% of market share not just because it benefits the customer, also brings benefits to Business Owners. Easy to Integrate on the checkout page and helps immensely in getting better conversion rates.

The only drawback one might argue is PayPal Transaction Fees but seeing the benefits, mostly this is overlooked by PayPal Users.


Stripe is a revolutionary payment solution in online payments service. The best thing about Stripe is that it allows customers to make payments through Credit Cards without businesses getting involved with banks. Bank Transfers are time-consuming and can be a bit tricky to deal with them on keeping records.

Setting up Stripe is vastly easy as it only requires integration with a website and allows visitors to make payment without going through the signup process.

Facebook Shop feature also uses the Stripe payment method to online shopping pages.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is next to PayPal in popularity among online payments solutions. If a customer is an Amazon Account holder, the information is fetched from there while making a checkout. This greatly helps in reducing the stress of going through the checkout process and getting more conversions.

When Amazon payment solution is offered by an online platform, this automatically builds trust in the mind of the visitor. Amazon Payments increases business reachability as this supports multiple languages and offer transfer in local currencies.

Amazon has introduced A-Z Guarantee and Protection Plans implementing strict protocols for Information security.


Skrill is a UK based payment solution company but payments can be done worldwide. Currently, 30 currencies are supported and the best thing is Skrill offers several different methods of payment processing such as through Credit Card.

The transaction fees are as low as 1.9% for receiving payments internationally. Skrill also offers Mobile Accounts and ATM Service. A user needs to get a MasterCard and can withdraw cash from ATMs located anywhere in the world.


SecurionPay greatly helps in improving conversions and making cross sales of products or service an Online Website offers. The best feature of SecurionPay is website owners can easily customize according to their requirements and provide the best user experience.

This payment solution is highly secure and enables making checkout process faster which helps in higher conversion rate. SecurionPay also allows to set up recurring billing for SaaS. Developers can easily integrate SecurionPay and perform testing by choosing testing phase.