VPN not working with NOW TV? Here’s what to do!


Been using a VPN to unblock NOW TV, and it no longer works? Don’t panic – that happens all the time.

NOW TV just found a way to block the VPN you’re using. Or other technical issues are getting in the way.

Whatever the case, we’ll tell you how to quickly fix the problem in this article. If you’re certain the issue is with the VPN provider, feel free to skip to the best VPNs for NOW TV that actually work. Just click here now.

How to Make Your VPN Work with NOW TV (8 Tips)

According to our tests, these are the most efficient things you can try:

1. Restart the VPN Client and/or Connection

Let’s start with the easiest step. Disconnect from the VPN server, and re-connect after a few seconds.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, try restarting the app. Just make sure you wait a few seconds before turning it on.

2. Use a Different Server

Maybe NOW TV blocked the IP address of the server you’re using. Disconnect from it, and connect to a different one. Just make sure it’s a UK server.

Also, if your provider offers dedicated streaming servers, use them instead of regular servers. There’s a chance they refresh their IP addresses more often.

3. Check for Updates

We know it’s tempting to postpone updates – especially when they require you to download and install a new client version.

But here’s the thing – an update can make the difference between NOW TV blocking or whitelisting your connection. So if you skipped on any updates recently, run them now.

4. Try Incognito Mode & Clear Cookies

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the VPN, but with your browser. Specifically, it might leak your geo-location to NOW TV through tracking cookies. So NOW TV sees your IP address is from the UK, but your browser cookies tell it you’re in Canada, for example.

So try clearing your cookies before you connect to NOW TV. Here’s a handy guide to help you out.

Also, consider browsing NOW TV with your VPN in incognito mode. It automatically clears cookies every time you close the browser, so it should prevent any geo-location leaks.

5. Use the Kill Switch

Many VPNs have a Kill Switch – a feature that shuts off your Internet access when your VPN connection goes down (which can happen – especially if you’re very far from the server).

Now we know that sounds very extreme, but hear us out. If your VPN connection goes down, NOW TV will see your real IP address. Yes, even if it only goes down for a few seconds.

Since NOW TV sees your IP address changing multiple times, so it might assume you’re using a proxy or a VPN. The site likely won’t block your real IP address, but it will block the VPN server’s address.

So try turning on the Kill Switch and see how it goes. Most VPNs have it under connection settings, but we recommend checking your provider’s support page for accurate info.

6. Check for Leaks

If nothing worked until now, there’s unfortunately a chance your VPN is leaking your IP address out of the encrypted tunnel.

The easiest way to test for leaks is to use this tool. Run it now and take a screenshot of the results.

Next, run the VPN and connect to a server, and use the tool again. Then compare the results with the screenshot you took. If you see your original IP or DNS addresses, it means you’re dealing with a leak.

Don’t panic – there are some things you can do depending on the type of leak:

  • IPv6 leaks – Disable IPv6 completely. Here’s a step-by-step guide for Windows, macOS, and Android.
  • DNS leaks – Again, disable IPv6. Besides that, disable Teredo and SMHNR on Windows 10 (link, link, and patch for the OpenVPN app). Also, try manually changing your DNS settings to your provider’s DNS addresses. Or just use Google Public DNS ( and or OpenDNS ( and
  • WebRTC leaks – Use uBlock Origin or the WebRTC Leak Prevent extension (Opera and Chrome). Alternatively, disable WebRTC in your browser.

Or, you know, just use a VPN that doesn’t leak data – like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

7. Get a Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address is only used by one VPN user. So it’s less likely that NOW TV will flag it as a VPN IP address because the site won’t detect multiple sign-ins from the same IP address (like they usually do with shared IPs).

Some providers (like TorGuard) even offer residential dedicated IPs. So you’ll be even more inconspicuous because NOW TV won’t see a data center when checking your IP address, but an actual ISP.

8. Contact Support

If none of the tips we mentioned so far worked, it’s time to contact the support staff. They should know what’s going on, and how long it will take to get NOW TV unblocked again.

They might even offer tips that are specific to their service, which we didn’t cover here.

Nothing Worked? Time to Get a VPN That Actually Unblocks NOW TV!

Still having problems?

Sorry to say this, but it seems like your VPN just can’t unblock NOW TV at all. Or it can, but for very short periods.

In that case, the only thing we can recommend is switching to a different VPN provider. It’s a hassle, but at least you’ll have near-constant access to NOW TV.

Finding the best VPN for the job can be tough, but there’s luckily a comprehensive guide that mentions and compares all the VPNs that actually unblock NOW TV. Click here now to check it out.

Did You Ever Have Problems Unblocking NOW TV with a VPN?

If yes, what did you do to solve it? Was it anything we mentioned in our guide, or something else?

Go ahead and tells us all about it in the comments or on social media.