Valyou Furniture’s Foundry Brand Makes Loft Life Heavenly

Valyou Furniture does not need an introduction; it has first won the hearts of the residents of Hawaii, where it was founded, and expanded to the mainland U.S. to become a go-to source of high-quality fair-priced furnishings delivered now to all states.

Its catalog has been growing and diversifying in tune with the demand. Since Valyou does not outsource manufacturing, its adaptability to evolving consumer tastes is unrivaled. The company recently added the Foundry brand to its vast catalog to cater to fastidious loft owners and renters.

As the name attests, the new collection represents the so-called Industrial style associated with former industrial and commercial premises converted into living quarters. The specifics of the industrial interior such as exposed brick walls, high ceilings with quite often visible wiring and plumbing fixtures, even industrial elevators facing doorways, call for a particular design. Likewise, the matching furniture needs to accentuate the rugged, simple beauty of a loft.

Loft space usually is vast, spanning 2,000 to 3,000 sq feet or more, divided at owner’s will into an office, bedroom, living room, kitchen zone, etc. The Foundry addresses a loft interior design project with ease and elegance, offering furniture for every zone. Shaul Rappoport, Valyou’s founder and co-owner, has fallen in love with the ‘industrial chic’ style years ago, having furnished his first loft in San Diego. Incidentally, it was there that he found inspiration to work on the first Valyou collection. “This is where I fell in love with industrial interiors and why I chose to furnish the condo with all vintage industrial pieces. The issue was that those pieces were not so mainstream, so it was very hard to find them. It felt like collecting art, ” reminisces Shaul.

Valyou’s Foundry provides the most exhaustive collection of furnishing items in categories from the living room to storage, from the office to bedroom, and the dining area. To assist loft owners and renters with design, the company may provide an interior designer. Covering the whole range of Foundry pieces would take dozens of pages. However, such furnishing staples as chairs and armchairs are part and parcel of any part of a loft, be it a living room or an office. Classic vintage Adze armchair, comfy Hadley chair with ottoman, the hammock-like and as comfortable Elms lounge chair, the hovering Osborne chair, and the sleek Lunette all serve the same purpose—make you feel comfortable and at home in the rugged yet elegant loft interior.

The Foundry had countless more items to fill your loft with taste and warmth. To enjoy the full scope of Foundry offerings for any industrial space, visit the company’s website or check out its Instagram page.