Use taxis to minimise your chances of catching Covid-19

Taxi for hire

So, Covid19 is here and as per the experts it’s not going anywhere for next 6 months or so.

As the pandemic is picking strengths, experts are advising people to avoid mass gatherings and this has also triggered a significant change in our daily lifestyle.

The things which were previously common are now prohibited, for instance, experts advise people to maintain social distancing even while travelling. The idea of social distances may be alien to some communities but it’s the only way we can survive this pandemic.

And this has also spurred the debate that whether primary means of travelling like buses, trains, airplanes and taxis should be left intact – of course not, this would lead us to a disaster. Certain governments have taken measures to maintain social distancing during aerial flights and journeys by train, but the other left means buses and taxis are still intact..

Undoubtedly, Taxi is the safest mode of travelling we currently have during this pandemic – that too with only 2 people behind and 2 in the front. If people adopt taxis as the primary means of travelling instead of buses and trains – for domestic travelling – the rate of infection can be significantly reduced.

In contrast, when you travel on bus or other tightly packed transports, the risk of catching a virus gets higher. Not only can you catch the virus but you can spread the virus to hundreds of people if you unknowingly had the virus before.

People coming from foreign countries, should choose taxis over other means of transportation. So, in case, if they had the virus before, at least it won’t be spread to other people. Also, social distancing measures can be best practiced inside a taxi rather than other means of transport.

So, the conclusion is, taxis are the best possible transport available for airport transfer. However, finding a reliable taxi service in London is not easy, especially when you are choosing online. Slightest negligence causes you a significant amount of money.

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