How to keep customers interested using amazing product photos

Advertising pictures

In the e-commerce world, being able to send your message across won’t be enough. You have to leave an impact that keeps your target audience thinking about your products or services.

This is when product images come into play. Studies reveal that it would take almost 10 seconds for human beings to process a written text. However, the human brain can process images in as fast as almost 100 milliseconds. Thus, employ the power of images if you are looking to create a lasting impact among your target audience. How do you make this possible? Read further to find out.

Observe Simplicity

Simplicity allows your product to be the center of attraction. The professionals behind business photography solutions by Perfocal suggest that minimalism should also be observed. Minimalism creates a simple representation of your product image. Each image is devoid of any other unimportant details. The background has to be solid. Choose either light or dark colors for your background. Make sure that your chosen background highlights your product instead of becoming a distraction.

Don’t Forget Authenticity

Avoid editing the photo too much. Otherwise, the image will no longer retain its authentic look. Remember that more than twenty percent of product returns occur because it looks different from what is being shown online. The images should show exactly how the product looks once it is in the possession of the customer. Make any attempt towards enhancing the image and you run the risk of creating false ads. Be genuine and your customers will love you for that.

Provide Multiple Views of the Product

Showing multiple angles of the product will help retain a customer’s attention. It also helps build interest as customers see different views of the product. See to it that each product should take at least 75 percent, but not more than 90 percent of the entire image. So, don’t crowd the image too much. Being able to see multiple photos of one product largely helps customers in their buying decisions. If you can give them a 360-degree view of the product, the better.

Hire a Professional Photography Service

It would be best if you hire a professional photography service if you are not confident about your photography skills. Rest assured that such an investment would help your company reap greater rewards in terms of revenue and profit. High-quality photos help create a good impression about your product and company as a whole. Just make sure that your product photos won’t take up such loading time. Otherwise, your bounce rate will soar. Loading time for your images should not take more than 2 seconds. A professional photographer helps ensure that all of your product images are of high quality. Thus, increasing your chances of gaining your ROI soon.

There are many ways to employ visual content when marketing your products or services. Don’t just stick to using still photos. Consider using graphics, infographics, GIFs, etc. These things will help expand the attention span of your target audience. Keep posting and uploading images on your website and social media accounts and your potential customers will thank you.