Unparalleled Inspiration:  Social Media Icons Rave About Armand Peri’s Top Selling Book.

As we close out what may be considered one of the most challenging and difficult years of recent history, many look to the year 2021 with hope for a better future.

New Year’s Resolutions feel more important now than ever, as they now carry more weight with a new world outlook.

For those looking to rebuild from a challenging year, there is no better starting point than the guidance outlined in Armand Peri’s Top Selling Book “Unparalleled Success.”

Peri, owner and CEO of the entertainment empire New Age Productions, outlines the foundational steps towards setting yourself up for the life of your dreams.  A highly acclaimed entrepreneur, Peri’s dedication to his craft is unmatched.  The secret?  The seven key areas of focus outlined within the chapters of his revolutionary book.

“Unparalleled Success is an amazing book.”Pop Artist Leon Budrow states.  “Armand Peri is incredibly inspiring.  His success as a bodybuilder, author and entrepreneur really motivates me to take my own life to the next level, and this book is the key to making that difference.”

Peri, the entertainment mogul who brought the world famous Hunk-O-Mania Male Revue and Diva Royale Drag Show to the nightlife scene, was the original Hunk of the company.  A world class bodybuilder, Peri’s dedication to excellence is unmatched, reflected in all of his professional pursuits.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Peri would not let the craziness of the world deter his drive for success, nor would it deter his passion for helping others.  While the entertainment industry fell still within the pandemic, Peri was quite active with his endeavors – shifting focus to developing his new PR company “New Age Public Relations.”

“New Age Public Relations,” the leading public relations firm established by Peri, specializes in social media strategy and promotion by managing client’s online presence and PR direction.  Even with such a bizarre year in 2020, the company has truly flourished under Peri, helping clients achieve exceptional results.

A serial entrepreneur, there is nothing that Peri cannot accomplish by using his own advice outlined in his book.   Taking the advice to heart, Pop Star Leon Budrow has shifted his own focus back to the basics, looking to redevelop his own personal growth, financial freedom and health and fitness.

“The book is so inspiring, I am really ready to take on this year.”  Leon Budrow explains.

Budrow, a former fitness competitor himself, manages multiple GNC Franchise locations as a regional manager.  Inspired by Peri, Budrow become involved with Peri’s Hunk-O-Mania Male Revue in 2015, having worked his way up to Show Manager and MC of the Philadelphia show.  A Nationally Touring Pop Singer at that, last year was quite slow for Budrow and entertainers alike, but leaves 2021 wide open for personal growth.

“I am so excited to see what this year brings.”  Budrow states.“Following the guidance in Armand’s (Peri) book I am now managing my time better, rebuilding my finances, enhancing my relationships, and focusing on my health.  I’ve even been eating better with the help of Jessie Pires.”

Jessie Pires, owner and founder of Jessie’s Fit Meals, is yet another public figure inspired by Armand’s book“Unparalleled Success.”  Pires meal prep service and physique coaching has helped change the lives of many people, including Pop Star Leon Budrow, Renowned Makeup Artist Alexandra Hopkinson, and CEO of The Jhon Jhon Institute, Jhon-Jhon Ventura.

“Reading that book made me succeed in everything that I do.”  Pires states.  “Instead of looking at other people being the problem, I realized that the problem was me.”

Pires, another acclaimed bodybuilder and successful entrepreneur, agrees that consistency is key, and found the right principles to apply his focus to within the book’s chapters.

“Being consistent with eating and training made me more successful in business and in life.  I owe a lot of that success to reading that book.”

 Alexandra Hopkinson, a renowned makeup artist and expert beauty professional, has also taken inspiration from Peri’s book.  Citing Peri as an inspirational figure, Hopkinson credits the book to enhancing her success and personal achievements.

“This book has given me confidence to work toward my goals.”  Hopkinson states.  “It inspires me to read about how Armand Peri has overcome so many obstacles and become so successful.”

“I have learned how important it is to maintain a positive mindset and stay focused and consistent.”

With the knowledge and understanding of the key principles in Armand’s book, anybody can establish their own “Unparalleled Success.”  With a book this valuable, even in these crazy times one thing is certain…

“Unparalleled Success” is an absolute must read – and there is no better way to begin the new year than by working on yourself.

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