Understand the Basics of Bitcoin


Cryptocurrency is a new investment opportunity among investors. This currency is profitable and risky at the same time.

However, there are more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies today in the market. Of all, Bitcoin is the most widespread currency. It gained investors’ interest in a small period. Those who trade Bitcoins rely on online trading via platforms like crypto genius.

It is true that bitcoin also has high vitality, because of which many investors hesitate to invest in this currency. It is also true that many who are well-informed are making lots of money by investing and trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. However, let’s understand the basics of bitcoin with this article.

What is Bitcoin?

A bitcoin is a digital currency that an investor can exchange, buy, or sell the currency directly without any intervention by any third party. The transactions are based on peer-to-peer software. However, the possibility of reversing or faking transactions is difficult because Bitcoin is available in limited numbers and each transaction is done through a block.

It is so because every transaction of bitcoin is recorded in a public ledger that is accessible to all users. Apart from this, an individual investor can keep the currency in a digital wallet, which is similar to your other digital wallets. These digital wallets can be easily accessed through the client’s software, and you can buy, sell and transfer bitcoin by entering your private key on your wallet. In today’s time, it can be subdivided into seven places like a thousandth of a bitcoin (Milli.) and a hundred millionth of a bitcoin (Satoshi.)

However, every ten minutes or more, the transactions or information about bitcoin is collected and added permanently. But who collects this information? Where does it get added permanently? Well, the answer is, the information is collected by miners, and it is grouped into blocks. It is a Blockchain technology where transaction history is recorded.

How does it work? 

Blockchain is a digitally distributed record that contains blocks and is publicly accessible. These blocks are units that include various information of every transaction like date, time, total value, unique identification code, and the details of the buyer and seller.

In case any investor changes anything in the Blockchain, the copy of another investor will also get updated automatically. But this feature of Blockchain doesn’t make this system unreliable, and it is a completely transparent process.

For providing safety to the investors fund, there is a system. As per this system, to add any block in the Blockchain, an investor must get verified. This verification is done by the majority of the Bitcoin holders. Every investor is assigned a long unique identification code. These codes are meant for their digital wallet, and you can use your private key for your Bitcoin transactions.

Converting bitcoin into cash?

In this, most investors are heading towards this cryptocurrency. But a new investor always wants to know whether he can convert bitcoins into cash or not? They can be converted into cash when an investor buys or sells bitcoin for cash.

However, these transactions are carried out via a trading platform. This gives more chances to the small businesses to invest in bitcoin. Bitcoin is better for long-term investment, and it can give you better returns if you save your coins in your wallet. But, if you want to convert your coins into cash then you can use your nearest Crypto or Bitcoin ATM to withdraw your money. You need to bear a hefty transaction fee for the same, which can be saved when you use a trading platform.

Is Bitcoin a safe investment in the real world?

Investment in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency can be risky because it is not backed by any government or institution. No authority will take responsibility for the profit or loss caused by the system.

But when it comes to the point of whether it can be hacked or not? Then, the answer is bitcoin is safe. This system is equipped with a strong algorithm that is quite difficult to hack. Some cases show that bitcoin is hacked. It is very difficult to hack the blockchain network. Therefore, it is safe in terms of hacking.


Bitcoin and Blockchain technology are something new to various investors. However, many investors are heading towards this currency because of the scope of profits in it. But it is equally risky as well. So do some research and take suggestions from an expert before you invest.