Unconventional Career Options To Set You Apart From The Crowd

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is to never take your job for granted. With thousands of people losing their livelihoods, as well as education going through a paradigm shift towards online classes, it has become even more important to invest into career.

One of the best ways to assure that you are always in demand is to specialise in a niche, unconventional field. Several conventional careers are being saturated with the sheer number of people joining the workforce, which has resulted in barely any job security, as well as lower salaries. Here are a few cool and unconventional, high paying careers you can have fun working at.


One of the fastest growing careers, Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand banking, business, healthcare, entertainment, education, IT and practically every field of work that there is. Over the last decade the number of internet users across the world has grown over 10 times, with almost 5 billion people using using it on a day to day basis. However, this has also led to a sharp rise in the rates of Cybercrime, which brings about the need for quality Cybersecurity. From personal details to monetary transactions, the information shared via the internet is critically important. Data has emerged as the most important commodity in today’s digital world, and it must be protected at all costs. In the ethos of this situation, a good Cybersecurity specialist is always the need of the hour for every brand.

Ethical Hacking

Although hacking is usually seen in a negative light by default, ethical hacking is absolutely crucial for developers. An offshoot of Cybersecurity, ethical hacking is used to test and identify any security weak spots in the network, that can be exploited by hacker, leading to the risks of a compromise in private data and misuse of information. These tests are run in the development phase to eliminate any security breach, before the product or service is launched for client or public. Bugs, when identified beforehand, gives the developers an opportunity to identify and repair their codes. Ethnical hacking is an essential tool in the prevention against any potential security leaks, thus protecting their software from cyber-attacks and malware. Most companies and developers would go the extra mile to invest in security, as a lot is at stake in case of a breach. Thus, certified and talented ethical hackers are highly sought after in the industry.

Makeup/SFX Artist

Combine your passion for makeup and media by getting into film and SFX makeup as a career choice. Besides the regular big name networks, the pandemic has seen a momentous growth in the number of OTT platforms that have taken to making independent content, and with each passing day, even more such platforms are coming up. With that the need for quality makeup, prosthetic and special effects makeup artists is higher than ever before. This is a huge opportunity for makeup enthusiasts to get in there and build a viable career. It is a cool, fun and creative job, where you can run your imagination wild. Not only do you get to work with celebrities, you have a shot at winning prestigious awards such as Oscar, BAFTA etc, for your contribution to the entertainment industry as well.


With the growing popularity of adult cartoons such as South Park, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Death Note and others, the world is coming to realise that animated shows are not for children only. Besides the already established networks, popular OTT platforms have also taken to create fascinating animated films and TV shows for all age groups. This only means a huge boom in the demand of quality animation artists who can give life to their ideas and create something extraordinary. Animation technology has also evolved through the years, making it a fascinating and highly creative field to work in. If you are passionate about technology and the entertainment industry, this is the right job for you.

Art Therapist

Over the recent years professional mental health help is being taken more seriously with several schools and workplaces hiring therapists as well as the rise in the number of people seeking voluntary counselling. Art is an excellent form of expression, and it is even more beneficial for non-verbal children and patients, who find it difficult to express themselves otherwise. Art therapy can help such people open up, reach the root of their traumas and issues, and thus, change damaging habits and develop healthy coping mechanisms. It also gives them a channel to express their emotions, vent their pain and negative feelings safely without causing any harm or risking consequences, so that they can go about life lighter and better adjusted. Art therapy is highly effective form of mental health care, but it is still a less explored area, which leads to excellent opportunities in this field for trained, compassionate and competent art therapists.

Social Media Manager

Do you spend hours on social media and wonder how much money you could make if you were paid for this time? If you are a dynamic and tech savvy individual, who understands the workings of social media well, you can easily make big bucks as a social media manager. Social media platforms have emerged as a necessity for not only startups, but also established brands, in order to grow their business and expand or reach out to more people. This has given rise to the need for competent and capable social media managers, who can not only handle the company’s social media accounts, but is also aware of relevant analytics, that will maximise their reach. For those who are unable or unwilling to work as full time managers, you can also use your expertise to work as social media consultants for brands who are looking for social media advice and strategies for in-house application.

If you are a student at the crossroads of choosing a career path, or a professional seeking to change your job, it is a good idea to expand your horizons and look beyond the conventional career choices. Choosing a niche, unconventional career can give you the opportunity to work in a field you are passionate about, and turn your hobby into a paying career.