Total cost of veneers

When a set of six veneers is placed on your teeth, your confidence to smile in public grows. With this comprehensive breakdown, familiarise yourself with the total cost of veneers.

Cost of veneers can’t be effectively looked into without having a grasp of what veneers are. What Are Veneers?Veneers are thin shells used by dentists to mask teeth defects. They can also be used to enhance the appearance of teeth. However, veneers aren’t a homogeneous group, there’s an array of them. This thus, makes it necessary to take a brief look at veneer types before we discuss their varying costs in detail.

What Are the Various Types of Veneers?

If you are wondering what the various types of veneers are, you can immediately start reading below.

Porcelain Veneers

These are top-rated on the list of veneers’ costs. Porcelain veneers are known to exhibit a blend of natural appearance with topnotch durability. This type of veneers will cause no damage to your gum or the tissue surrounding your tooth, meaning they’re excellently biocompatible.

Composite Veneers 

These are typically designed from resin which has both organic and inorganic components. They’re also fantastic in their way of helping mask the unwanted look of your teeth, but they’re not exactly long-lasting as they tend to lose their shiny and elegant appearance over time.


These are designed from very thin porcelain material, and they require just a bit of preparation before eventually being placed on your tooth.

Removable Veneers

These are also known as snap-on veneers, or temporary veneers, and two types of these are available, which are:

  • Instant Veneers
  • Custom-made Clip-on Veneers

Instant veneers are cosmetic teeth that can be readily gotten from companies like the popular “Instant smile” at a very cheap cost of about $25-$50.

Veneers Cost for a Full Set?

You may have to consider fixing a full set veneer if you have damaged or unpleasant colored teeth. A full set veneer cost falls within the range of $10,000 and $20,000. The term “full set” means you’re placing veneers on your front tooth. That’s about six to eight of them instead of fixing the entire tooth. The back of your teeth will not require veneers since they are typically not obvious when you smile. The veneer cost for six teeth is much cheaper when compared to eight veneers.

You can also expect to pay higher for porcelain because of its incredible durability and longevity than you’ll for a composite resin that has lesser quality. Porcelain veneers, when properly taken care of, can last 15-20 years but composite resin can barely last 4 years. Contact Dentakay for exact information!

Veneers Cost for Different Types 

Averagely, veneers’ cost is somewhere around $600 and $2500 per tooth. As a matter of emphasis, porcelain veneers are highly expensive, partly due to the preparations before the veneers’ placement. Lumineers are a bit cheaper than porcelain veneers because they do not require preparation. Lumineers’ average cost is around $650-$2000.

Veneers’ cost (per tooth) depending on the type is as follows:

  • Porcelain veneers’ cost- $925-$2500
  • Composite veneers’ cost- $600-$1500
  • Lumineers’ cost- $800-$2000
  • Removable veneers’ cost- $470-600

Is Paying a Total Veneers’ Cost Worth It?

Only you and your dentist can decide what’s best for your cosmetics. Whether a full-set is right for you also depends on the state of health of your teeth and your expectations as someone seeking a dashing smile makeover. However, a full-mouth veneer may just be the perfect solution for your chipped or colored teeth.

In addition, the truth is that a full-set veneer cost is steep, but the sense of satisfaction and the significant aesthetics it will offer you can never be quantified with the price. So make your decision, and take the step!

Determining the Full Mouth Veneers’ Cost

Several variables can affect a full-mouth veneer cost significantly, thus markedly influencing the cost of the procedure:

The Dentist’s Consultation

During your initial course with the dentist, both of you sit together to discuss your plight and what you expect. A series of clinical examinations may be carried out to establish whether veneers will be appropriate for your teeth. In addition to that, the procedure will be read out to you and the veneers’ cost will also be outlined for you.

The Condition of Your Teeth

Either tooth decay or damaged teeth, any damage to the teeth must first be attended to before a veneer is placed. The reason is that, if veneers are placed without proper removal of the decay, the veneers will be gradually destroyed by whatever is causing the decay or damage. It then becomes paramount that the dentist first ascertains a pristine condition of the teeth. Depending on the state of the teeth, different interventions could be necessary, which will come at a price.

Veneers Cost and Preparation Required

How expansive the procedure determines the amount of preparation that will be required as a prerequisite for carrying it out efficiently and brilliantly. This is pivotal in determining veneers’ cost for a full-mouth.

Veneers Cost with Location and professionalism of the Dentist

The geographical locations of the company and the skill level of the dentists therein are also crucial and they contribute immensely to the veneers’ cost.

The average price for a full-mouth veneer is about $7200-$20000. Estimating veneer cost for a single client is difficult and almost impossible because an individual’s needs are heterogeneous. However, consulting skilled dentists in the field will help in getting a more precise figure for veneers’ cost. Your dentist will be capable of giving you detailed information about your cosmetic needs and also relate well to your plight.

In conclusion, deciding to get a full-mouth veneer will change your life in many ways such that veneers’ cost shouldn’t be a hindrance.

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