Trade secrets of every successful Amazon seller


Amazon is the undisputed king of retail. It has been for quite some time. How Amazon came to be is both amazing and frightening.

Regardless, if you are selling any sort of merchandise, your best bet is to go through Amazon. Why? Because brick and mortar stores are expensive. The amount that you would have to pay to keep up with a mom and pop storefront is always going to be more than the percentage cut you have to give Amazon for using their platform. Plus, the amount of people That you can potentially tap into through the marketing, or a superior product is parallel to none.

Orchestrating a Viral Launch

Selling on the Internet is a completely different ballgame. Even with a fine-tuned sales pitch, the sheer numbers alone are science in and of itself. As stated in this Viral Launch Review, the fastest way to influence the market is to go viral.

You need to gain traction through all the main avenues relative to your demographic.

If your demographic is between 45 and 65, you’re going to be targeting Facebook very hard. If your demographic is between 18 to 35, you’re going to be Pushing hard on Instagram. The preteen market lives on TikTok. Knowing who you’re selling two, and getting “viral” within that sphere, Is exactly how are you ramp up a product launch through Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a massive multi-billion dollar online enterprise that is comprised of tens of thousands, if not millions of people providing critical advertising for you. Websites that review your products and provide links to buy them, get a kickback every time a sale happens.

This is how you become one of the highest-rated products on the Internet. It’s a formulated version of word-of-mouth. The more these websites review and recommend what you’ve got, the higher up the totem pole it goes. That means that even more reputable sites are likely to review your product. Once you get to the top: the Huffington posts, the massive and boxing websites, you can be sure that a massive percentage of readers are going to buy.

Pitch Quality and Real World Use

What people who shop on Amazon care about is the quality and price point. This is true of any product, yes, but on Amazon, one can’t really examine the product that they’re buying. This is where a little bit of extra attention to detail goes along the way.

If you can provide videos, links, and HD pictures that show the product in action, people are more likely to trust them.

There’s really nothing more convincing online than a reputable individual actually using the product the way it supposed to be used. You don’t have to go for TV infomercial, but it should be high quality with an authentic voice genuinely describing what your product is about.

The secrets of selling on Amazon are not secrets at all. They are basic sales principles that are applied to a completely new sphere.

Hype up your product, get people with authority to vouch for your product, and have a convincing and authentic description of your product. Pictures and videos always help.