Future technology: Ideas that will change the world

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Technology waits for nothing – this is evident to all! As we hurtle into the oncoming future, we will be coming face to face with new technology at every turn.

These new technologies will most likely influence how we live our daily lives in the decades to come. So, what will they be? How will they impact on the environment around us? How will they help me? These are some of the questions that may arise over time. Let’s take a look at some of these ideas that will change the world.

Urban Farms

Lack of space will be a major concern for future generations. As the cities and populations grow, there is going to be less and less farmland. Agriculture will have to adapt to this problem if we are to feed the populations. One solution to this problem is the use of urban farming. This means bringing farms and farmland into the city and placing them on rooftops and any other urban spaces that can be utilized.

Vacations in Space

Yes, you heard it right – and why not? With the likes of SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin doing the groundwork and developing space travel, it’s not completely outside the realms of possibility. However, it has been mooted that it will be possible by 2050. Don’t get too excited by the prospect of blasting off to Mars for a weekend away. If it does manage to get up and running, it will be very expensive and only for those of us who can afford it.

The Growth of AI

Artificial Intelligence still has a long way to go – but the possibilities are endless as AI develops. It’s already being used in several areas today. This includes healthcare, our smartphones, cars, and others. In the latter, it is used to detect objects that may be ready to collide with the vehicle. But in the future, we can look forward to AI providing us with cleaning our homes, providing our entertainment, and even ordering our groceries.

3D Printers

3D printers are a growing area, yet to reach their full potential. Using 3D software, the printer can form objects by using different types of materials such as clay, plastics, and many others. It does it by creating layers to create the object. This technology can be used in many areas such as medicine, architecture, building aircraft, and other fields. In some cases, the printer can be scaled to create larger objects such as cars.

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