Track your business time – use timesheet software to boost your productivity

Track your business time

It’s the moment you to find out that timesheet software can save your business money. Cloud-technology is changing the way you are doing business at a fast pace.

If in the past many businesses did not afford to use technology, nowadays all these systems are affordable and easy to implement. Now you can start using a state-of-art time tracking system that can help you boost your employees’ engagement and save your hours of management.

Why is paper based tracking no longer effective?

Paper-based systems can complete the job, but they’re not the best solution if you want to improve your productivity. These systems can slow you down, distract people from their main tasks, and allow errors.

You find difficult to update paper schedules

When you first create the work schedule, everything seems right, but after you post it, the things can quickly escalate. Some employees call in sick, others take leave and you will definitely find difficult to fill the shifts without spending a lot of time, consulting with other people, and getting someone on the phone. Your other team members have no idea that a shift has opened up when someone calls sick or takes leave.

Paper schedules often lead to confusion, and the worst thing would be your employees to mix up the dates or starting times.

Your business is exposed to time theft

This system can be a victim of guesswork and rounding up of hours. Surveys show that around half of hourly workers admit they tend to exaggerate the amount of time they work during their shifts. You may think that it’s harmless if some employees are overestimating a few minutes from time to time, but when the time adds up, you understand that it’s one of the main factors behind their lack of productivity.

People hate paperwork

As you already know time tracking is a job in itself, so you can imagine how your employees feel when they have to complete extra administrative tasks to fill out forms. Once they transform it in an unwanted chore, they will get sloppy and data will be inaccurate.

Even the smallest error has repercussions

If your employees have to track their work time, using paper systems they have to write down all their activities and you have to enter them into a database. If you misread one of your employees’ handwriting you enter false data. A 2 can look like a 7, and a 5 can look like a 3, so disputes can easily arise.

You waste valuable time

Instead of focusing on important tasks, you spend your time entering data into your database and convincing your employees to keep track of their time. Your team needs a push to complete and hand their timesheets and then you have to punch the numbers into payroll. All these operations require a lot of time, and it can easily become a distraction to you. Manual scheduling is not the best solution to track time in 2019.

Timesheet software can help your business boost its productivity

You reduce time waste

If you use employees’ timesheets, you can quantify your employees’ roadblocks and make changes to reduce time waste and help your team boost their productivity. You can check what all your team members are working on and how long it takes them to complete certain tasks.

You can rely your decisions on the information you receive from your software, and you can be a more empathetic leader who understands and appreciates how hard your employees work.

A simple solution like implementing a portal for timesheets can help you grow your business. If you show your team that you are empathetic with their efforts, you inspire them to be more committed to their jobs and respect you as their leader.

Real time scheduling

A complete timesheet system will include scheduling features that allow you to publish your employee rosters to their devices. You can use the software to assign tasks to certain people and they will receive a notification on their computer. When one of the employees needs time off, they can use their app to advertise their open shift and to notice their colleagues.

Better HR

If you have concrete information that tells you what projects your team is working on and how long it takes them to do their job can help you make savings that can boost your company’s profitability. Timesheet portals can help you identify which one of the employees has a hard time being effective and productive, and you can compare the time they spend to complete a task and their output.

It will help you see which worker should be rewarded and which one is costing you money through their time wasting and poor performance. When you have access to information, you can make better decisions around staffing and resourcing and you can prevent hiring mistakes. The last thing you want is to bring more people when the workload cannot support it.

Boost efficiency

If you have extended knowledge of how your business spends its time, you will be able to improve its operations and successfully complete projects. If you find out that your workers repeatedly fail at the same stage of a project, you can consult with the team leaders to see what the obstacles are.

It will help you bring upgrades to the workflow processes and to the way, your employees communicate. If you know how your company is running every minute of the day, you will have no problems in identifying the roadblocks and solving them.

Help your team fill the timesheets on time

You should adopt a top-down approach if you want to convince your employees to start using the timesheet software daily. The team leaders should practice it first, and once they master it they can roll the practice to the rest of their teams.

It’s advisable to be transparent and share all the timesheets, including yours and your team leaders, among all employees. This way they will see what every worker is doing and will feel slightly pressured to work harder.