AMGO acquiring Jetbull brand by EveryMatrix for €2 million


AMGO, if you haven’t heard of it, is a Stockholm based iGaming company that is growing bigger by the day.

It has been acquiring company after company over the past few months and now finally, the company has gotten to purchase Jetbull casino, the EveryMatrix flagship casino that has been quite popular with its clients and has seen some amazing growth ever since the closing of the other casino owned by EveryMatrix.

According to this article at the time of purchase, Jetbull is the biggest casino that EveryMatrix owns, and it was purchased by AMGO for €2 000 000, with half of that being paid in cash and the other half being paid through recently issued AMGO shares, amounting to a little more than 10 million shares. The casino that has been purchased has around 600 000 users registered with it, making it a huge addition to the AMGO portfolio.

With another casino acquired, AMGO is slowly becoming one of the largest online casino providers in the world. The company has been on this track for many years now and has already attained the title of being one of the biggest casino service providers in all of Europe.

The acquisition is part of a number of others

AMGO has spent the past few years acquiring more and more casinos to make part of its ever-growing portfolio of online casinos. Recently, AMGO finalized the acquisition of 1ClickGames, an online gaming and casino platform provider. The company also signed a letter of intent detailing its plan to acquire Eska Bladet Spil A/S.

The acquisition would be part of the plan to be able to launch their flagship casino in Denmark using the Maltacense of the company they acquired, but certain difficulties have been encountered. While the process of acquisition was supposed to be finished before March, there has yet to be news provided on the details of whether the acquisition is going to be finalized any time soon.

This has become a problem for some of the shareholders, who now have been relatively calmer after the process of Jetbull acquisition was finished.

The acquisition of Jetbull does not lose the company the Malta Gaming Authority license, also keeping the UK Gaming Commission and Denmark’s Spillemyndigheden licenses. This means that the company will have the ability to continue operating as it has up to now and also allows AMGO to attempt and use the Jetbull license in order to start offering their services within Denmark, which was their goal in acquiring Eska Bladet Spil A/S in the first place.

The ownership of Jetbull will make the entire process a lot easier for them, which is highly appreciated by their shareholders.

EveryMatrix moving on to B2B


, after selling their flagship and last casino, has decided to move their concentrated efforts into operating in the B2B context. They believe that the future of the company lies more in the Business to Business model, providing software services to those companies that are interested in working with them and leaving the Business to Customer service in the past of the company.

The general idea behind the plan rings true – the company has a lot of potential in the field of developing and maintaining software that they can then provide to interested businesses. This desire was well exploited by AMGO, but it seems like the person who made the decision of doing so within AMGO may have been aware of EveryMatrix’s desire to do so.

After all, the current CEO of AMGO who made the decision to conduct the acquisition is also the former Commercial Director of EveryMatrix. He leveraged his position in the old company in order to produce results that would benefit both companies – a wise move and productive move.

The Norwegian gambling portal supposed that with EveryMatrix moving to b2b and AMGO taking over Jetbull, it is expected that the two companies will continue their relationship into the future, with EveryMatrix remaining as the main software provider for the company in the future.