Top recruitment tips to hire the right employees for your company


Recruiting the right candidates require diligence and creativity. Although it has become easier to quickly get a pool of candidates by publishing job postings, attracting the qualified candidates and driving excitement about the job roles requires smart recruitment skills.

Listed below are some of the top recruitment strategies and tips you can follow to captivate job seekers, create a good impression of your business, and successfully hire top candidates.

Craft Captivating Job Descriptions:

Crafting a compelling and attention-grabbing job description is important to captivate the qualified candidates to apply for the vacancy. A few tips to create the captivating job descriptions are listed below.

  • The job title should be specific according to the generally accepted organizational hierarchy that gives a clear idea of the job’s pay scale.
  • The job description should summarize the important job roles in an interesting way that gets the job seekers excited about the job and the company.
  • Clearly mention the core responsibilities, roles, and day to day activities, and briefly explain how the position fits into the company.
  • The job description should be concise, yet it must cover the necessary details. According to Indeed Data, the descriptions having 700 to 2000 characters attract up to 30% more applicants.

Take Advantage of the Job Portals:

Take advantage of the online job portals that work specifically for your city or country (unless you want to hire a foreign employee). Just Brighton Jobs is an online job portal where you can find resumes of the job seekers belonging to nearly any industry or functional area. As an employer, you can quickly browse the candidates by entering a job title, skill, sector, or location. There are more filters on the portals to make your search results accurate by entering the criteria like the education level, years of experience, and more.

Use Social Media to Attract Candidates:

Social media is not just meant for social interactions; it has become a fantastic recruiting tool. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook allow you to share job postings with social networks. Your social circle and random people tag share those postings with their friends who are looking for a job. Moreover, the videos or photos of the company’s events and activities can be shared on the company’s page to depict the value and culture of your organization.

Treat Candidates Like Customers:

It’s crucial to make a good first impression of your company when a candidate calls or visits your office. Make them feel like you are excited about knowing them and considering them for the job role. The tip is to treat them the same way you treat your customers.

Be respectful of the time they take out for applying and visiting your company for the interview. It’s highly important to show your professionalism and punctuality by showing up on time for conducting interview. Moreover, be hospitable and make them feel welcomed by offering water, tea, or other drinks. Provide them with your contact number to reach out for any concerns or queries when they are in the recruitment process.