BBS Business School in Italy


Have you always had a fascination with that outdoor museum that is Europe? Is there a voice within you that keeps pushing you to experience new things abroad and, why not, study abroad?

Well, you’ve found the right article for you to know all the extraordinary things that are waiting for you in Europe!

Live in Italy: Why?

With its beautiful architecture, unique art and culture, dazzling landscapes and beautiful climate, not to mention fabulous food, Italyis a wonderful country to live and study in. If you have decided to settle in Italy for the next few years to continue or complete your studies, then you are making an excellent choice.

Its Culture

Italyis a Mediterranean country. Its culture is very deep-rooted and quite old. Besides, it is a country accustomed to excelling. It has had great artists, excellent writers, scholars, essayists and even notable scientists.

The Level of Education

On the other hand, it has outstanding universities and institutions. These centres of higher education are open to the world and are ideal to have a culture of absolute quality.

A course of study in Italy would enrich someone with its unique environment and access to many of the good things in life, including art, music, winemaking and many others. Italy’s highly specialized courses aim at a specific field. You will get the educational level you need to realize your career goals.

Its International Environment

Studying in an international environment with many classmates from all over the world is another attraction. It enriches and enhances the experience even more. After passing its most rigorous and practical tests and educational methods, students can obtain a degree. Furthermore, significant research is carried out for the university in which they study. Its system seeks innovation at many levels.

Perfect for a Post-Graduate Degree

Are you looking for a Master’s Degree? In particular, an MBA or a Master Executive? Then you will find many worth offers in Italy: Bologna Business School is an international community that offers more than 50 excellence courses in the business area. It is perfect if you want to improve your career and gain practical skills while networking and enriching your expertise. BBS Business School in Italy is located in Villa Guastavillani, a beautiful sixteenth-century residence. You will be immersed in Bologna, in one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions of Europe.

At BBS Business School Italy you can rely on continuous and personalized training. This training is tailored to the needs of the stakeholders: such as young managers who wish to grow professionally and personally by strengthening specific functional skills:

  • For those recent graduates that are entering the world of work, but still wish and need to gain more solid knowledge, techniques and concrete tools to complement traditional university education.
  • For the executives and professionals ready to question themselves, consolidate their position and make a qualitative leap with study paths, updating and access to new network.
  • For companies and institutions aware of the complexity of the new global horizons and ready to take up the challenges and opportunities that arise from it by focusing on their human capital.

Everyone can Have the Opportunity to Learn from the Best

At BBS Business School Italy, everyone is encouraged the right to study by making scholarships available every year and guaranteeing all the international students the possibility of benefiting from student loans.