Top 3 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Marketers

Social media marketing is a time-consuming process that usually can’t be done in a single day or week.

Marketers often invest months (even years!) building and growing their social profiles. But what if I told you that there’s a way you can speed up your social marketing efforts? What if there’s a way you can become a more efficient social media marketer?

Enter the age of automation. By its most basic definition, automation is the technique of making a process operate automatically. This is usually accomplished through technology that can control and monitor services intuitively. So, if you want to automate your social media, you have to use technology (automation tools) to do some tasks for you.

Top 1 – Octopus CRM

Trusted by more than 10,000 users and considered a leader in automation and LinkedIn lead generation, Octopus CRM is currently the best tool for LinkedIn marketers. With Octopus CRM you can send bulk personalized messages, auto endorse skills of first-level contacts, visit profiles, and create campaigns for you and your team members!

What’s more? Octopus CRM is very easy to use. Even first-time marketers can easily navigate the software without much problem. If you’re still having a hard time, there are training resources available to help you. But what Octopus CRM does best is lead generation on LinkedIn. It’s one of the best in automating all lead generation tasks which are crucial for B2B marketers.

If you’re also worried about your weekly limit on LinkedIn, you’ll be glad to know that Octopus CRM allows you to bypass this limitation. In fact, you can send as many as 500+ connection requests per week without risking your LinkedIn account.

If you’re using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, Octopus CRM proves to be a good automation tool. It makes LinkedIn prospecting very easy and fast for marketers, financial advisors, and business owners!

Another great thing about Octopus CRM is that it can be used with all LinkedIn account types. Whether you have Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator, Premium, or Free — Octopus CRM is compatible. Wondering if Octopus CRM is the automation tool for you? Here’s a breakdown of its best features:

●  Send bulk connection requests to your 2nd and 3rd level contacts

●  Auto view profiles to increase your engagements on LinkedIn

●  Automated personalized messages and skill endorsements

●  Automated profile prospecting

●  Advanced analytics

●  Customized LinkedIn sales funnel

●  Easy to use and intuitive user interface

Easy to download contact data

●  Zapier and HubSpot Integration

Top 2 – Dripify

If you want to have a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy, try Dripify. Dripify is another LinkedIn automation tool that helps marketers create brilliant LinkedIn campaigns. It focuses on boosting your LinkedIn engagement, lead generation, and customer engagement. It can also assist in closing transactions while on autopilot!

Dripify is a cloud-based multi-purpose automation tool that’s created with LinkedIn users in mind. It’s very easy to use and if you’re having a hard time, there are also tutorial videos that guide you every step of the way.

Some of Dripify’s best features include its advanced analytics which is helpful in monitoring your campaigns. You can use analytics to assess the performance of your campaign. Whether one strategy is working or not. On the dashboard, you can also see your daily stats which include marketing results and conversion rates.

Marketers also love Dripify because of its user-friendly and straightforward user interface. You can create your own sales funnels (or Drip Campaigns as the software calls them) in minutes. You can also use the software to delegate tasks to other team members. There’s an option on your control panel to add team members and even monitor their own stats. How cool is that?!

Overall, Dripify is a great solution for any marketer who wants a successful LinkedIn campaign. So, if you want to take your lead generation game to the next level, choose Dripify.

Top 3 – LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re looking for the most effective and efficient automation tool for LinkedIn, then we suggest checking out LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another leading lead generation automation for LinkedIn. In fact,  it’s more than just an automation tool, it’s a LinkedIn sales management tool. Developed by LinkedIn themselves, this tool is created to help marketers find quality leads. The problem with automation today is that it reaches everyone, but not the right people. That’s where LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps.

Navigator helps you find your target audience that will use or need whatever you’re selling! It offers lead suggestions based on your listed criteria and target audience. You can search for anyone from the title of their business, role, to their locations. This makes your decision-making process easier as a marketer.

The best part? It does this automatically. Its powerful search capabilities help you find 100x more leads than you would by simply doing manual marketing. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a separate service from LinkedIn, although you can find and easily add the tool from the platform. They also offer a 1-month trial to see if you like it.

Other Automation Tools for LinkedIn

LinkedIn automation frees up a lot of your time so you can stay focused on other more important tasks. Instead of spending hours visiting other profiles, sending connection requests, or following up messages manually, you can use automation tools. Today, there are various LinkedIn automation tools that can help you accomplish your goals as a marketer.

Here are other LinkedIn tools that you can find useful for your marketing goals:

●  Social Pilot – Schedule posts and content to your LinkedIn pages

●  Iconosquare – Good for engagement, impressions, and offers detailed metrics

●  Dux-Soup – Lead generation tool for attracting and engaging LinkedIn prospects

●  Zopto – Improve your visibility and create different campaigns

●  Crystal – Predict the personality of your leads to personalize your marketing strategy

●  Sales Loft – sales engagement platform to generate leads via LinkedIn

●  eLink Pro – Auto-visit LinkedIn profiles of your target audience

LinkedIn Automation as a Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking platforms today. From a place for professionals to network, LinkedIn has evolved to become an impressive online business landscape where people go to find leads for their brand, connect with like-minded people, or seek potential hires. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s statistics, almost 80% of all social media B2B leads come from the platform.

However, as a marketer or business owner, you only have so many hours in a day. You can’t realistically spend your time just on the LinkedIn following or viewing profiles. You need to find a way to market your brand and use your time wisely.

To make the most of LinkedIn, you have to use a good marketing strategy that works for your brand. In this article, we’ll talk about the use of automation as a marketing strategy. Why it works and how it benefits you as a marketer. But first, let’s define LinkedIn automation. What is it?

LinkedIn automation is the process of using software or tools to automate tasks in LinkedIn.  Automating your LinkedIn to accomplish simple tasks more efficiently has been the best way to market your brand on the social platform. Many marketers who use automation tools to automatically post, view profiles, and create content have seen enormous growth in their accounts in just a short time.

How does LinkedIn automation work? Here’s an overview of the tasks LinkedIn automation tools can do:

●  Help marketers control and manage LinkedIn campaigns in one dashboard

●  Find the right leads through advanced search filters

●  Approach ideal leads automatically through personalize messages

●  Send follow-up messages to people who didn’t respond to your message

Things To Remember When Using Automation Tools for LinkedIn

Automation can both be good and bad for marketers. It’s good because it speeds up growth by automating tedious and time-consuming tasks. But it’s bad because if done wrong, it can look spammy and “bot-like”. So, how do you make sure as a marketer that this doesn’t happen? Here are tips to make sure you’re doing automation the right way.

●  Be wise with what you should and shouldn’t automate. This can be subjective and depending on your industry, it differs. But, for starters, the most important thing that you should *never* automate is communication between you and your customers.

●  Don’t automate content. Today, there are several automation tools that can write articles or produce videos, but they’re always bad. Technology hasn’t evolved yet to successfully mimic human creativity and language.

●  Don’t automate follow and unfollow. This is considered an old-school strategy by marketers where they follow, wait for follow-back, and then unfollow people. Many platforms banned this kind of automation since it’s like growth hacking.

●  Don’t automate all posts to publish on all your social accounts. Publishing the same updates you posted on LinkedIn to your other social platforms can come off as lazy and unprofessional.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best social platforms for marketers. As someone who wants to take advantage of all it has to offer, you have to be wise about using automation tools to find, maintain, and nurture connections in the platform.