Tips to choose the best venue hire sydney for your next conference event

Conference in Sydney

There are many decisions to make when organizing a conference in Sydney. One of the decisions that impact your event the most is choosing a venue.

You have to consider many factors as you go through the venue selection process.  Of course, you’d want the best facility for your event. As a conference planner, you must carefully weigh your options and make a sound decision.

Keep in mind that the best venue hire in Sydney can spell the difference between a successful conference and uncomfortable participants who’d prefer to exit than see the event through.

The search can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be more complicated than it should be. This post will make everything a bit easier.

Below are useful tips for choosing the best venue hire Sydney for your next conference event.

Price Of The Venue

Before starting your search, set an amount that you’re willing to spend on renting the venue and find options that fit your budget. However, it’s challenging to find an excellent conference venue that’s affordable and available on your chosen dates nowadays. If you’re not lucky, make sure to have enough budget for pricier venue options.

Accessibility Of The Venue Hire

If you want to maximize the attendance for your conference, consider the accessibility of your potential venue. Check on the location of the venue and determine if there are readily available transportation options for the guests. Confirm if participants can quickly arrive by rail, car, or air, especially if you have VIPs coming in. The accessibility of the venue hire is a significant factor that interested individuals will look into as they decide whether to register for the conference or not.

Parking Spaces

Get the estimated or final count of attendees and check if the parking spaces in the venue hire are enough to accommodate your guests. You’d want a big enough space that’s not going to be too tight for the vehicles of your attendees. If the parking at the venue is limited, it’s best to advise participants to carpool.

However, also ask if the venue owners can arrange for a nearby parking lot or garage for the attendees to use. You must also inquire about the opening and closing times of the garage. This detail is essential, especially if your conference starts early and ends late, to make sure that attendees won’t experience problems parking and getting their vehicles out.

Availability Of Lodging Accommodations

The best Sydney venues are usually located near several hotels to accommodate guests.

Some conference venues are even located within a hotel and offer accommodation to attendees if the conference lasts for a couple of days. If the venue hire you’re planning to choose doesn’t offer lodging accommodations, there should be other options around the venue. If hotels aren’t within walking distance of your venue, check to see if hotels are willing to provide a shuttle service going to the event.

Design And Layout Of the Venue

The design and layout of the venue hire should fit the activities included in your conference, and the needs of both the organizers and attendees. Get an illustrated floor plan sample of each of your venue choices and select your favorites. Schedule a walkthrough in your favorites and take note of the essential design and layout features like the location of the outlets and AV.

The layout and floor plan of the venue should have areas that can accommodate high traffic during, say, the registration part of your conference. If you’re hiring a keynote speaker, the venue should have a stage, too. These are only some of the many considerations to make in terms of the design and layout of the venue.

Capacity And Minimum Spending Amount

It’s essential to know the capacity of the venue to make sure that your expected attendees can fit comfortably in the venue. The venue should also be compliant with fire and safety codes to ensure the welfare of both the organizers and participants.

The minimum spending amount is only applicable if the venue hire Sydney offers food and beverages. Ask about the venue’s set minimum spending amount. Check records from past conferences and online forums to see if the given price is consistent with their usual offers.

If your estimate on the food and beverage cost exceeds what the venue requires, you might be able to get some freebies. You can try to negotiate for complementary services like A/V support and a Wi-Fi upgrade.

Staff Support

You’re going to be busy during the conference; that’s for sure. Make sure that the venue offers enough concierge support, security, and wait staff. Having a dedicated in-house venue coordinator is also essential, so someone can assist you when some issues arise. The venue must also offer tech support to ensure that the Wi-Fi is working well, and the presentations run smoothly on the A/V.


There are many things to consider when choosing a venue hire Sydney, and the search can be daunting with numerous options available. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above can help you find the perfect venue hire in Sydney for your conference event.