Make money online by playing games and answering surveys in 2019

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Whenever it comes to making money online, most people raise their eyebrows and become more cautious because of the many frauds in our digital age.

The internet has become a hub for thieves where you get promises of making money, but it turns out to be a scam. But would you believe me when I told you that there are genuine paid surveys in Australia?

Well, paid surveys have become very dominant in our millennial age, especially from various companies who want to know the kind of products and services people want. By this, they come up with the right products that are more appealing and customer-targeted.

Most brands in Australia and across the globe survey to get the opinions of people and focus their energy in the direction of their target customers. So what is an online survey?

An Online Survey

An online survey, which is also known as an internet survey is a data collection method where survey questions are sent to the target group of people to get their responses and opinions over the internet. Online reviews can be submitted to the target sample through mediums like emails, social media, and the company’s website, among other methods.

This feedbacks are used to make various marketing strategies and enhance an organization’s products to match the needed current features.

The Good News!

Having an understanding that organizations across the globe are having these kinds of surveys more often, you can take advantage of that. Most brands want to get a large sample as possible; hence, they usually pay for these online surveys. Did you know you can make a stable income by working on these paid online surveys?

In a world where getting employment is becoming strenuous daily, working with online surveys can give substantial bucks that can enable you to sail through. However, to make such a reasonable amount, you will need to have the best online survey. How do you know an excellent online review?

Features of a Good Paid Online Survey

The main reason why most organizations and companies are turning to online surveys is because of their low cost of operation. Besides, it reaches thousands of people. Since there are thousands of studies conducted daily, how do you choose the best that suits you? Here are some of the features you should consider before engaging in any paid online survey:

  • A clear outline of its purpose – The organization should enable you to know the objective of wanting to have your opinions. Although they should not reveal the specific goal, they should give you the generic objective and purpose of the survey.
  • Confidentiality – if they are asking for any personal information, they should have the capacity to keep your data confidentially.
  • Clear payment methods – of course, they should give you precise ways of paying you. They should not have any issue when it comes to paying you when you finish your survey.
  • Precise – this most should apply to the questions they are asking. Ambiguous questions will make you end up giving wrong answers, which may result in an underpayment. Before you take any survey, ensure that the problems are apparent.
  • Short payment processing time – after you complete your survey, it should not take weeks before it is approved to get your payment. It should be fast.
  • Transparency – this is one thing that is lacking in many organizations, always ensure that the brand asking for answers is transparent on what they will do with your feedback.

Besides online paid surveys, there are some cute online games that you can play and get some few bucks. Here are some features of an excellent online game you should play.

Features of a Good Online Game

  • It is easy to play
  • It is compatible with various devices, including laptops, PC, tablets, and smartphones.
  • It has excellent graphics and animations
  • Made from reliable software and developer
  • It should have reasonable payments with great bonuses and promotions

How Do You Earn Money With Online Surveys and Games?

Well, most organizations and brands in Australia and the globe at large, usually give you a few steps to follow, so that you can start getting your reward through the surveys and games. Here are the steps:

  1. Registering as a member – you will need to be above 18 years. You register with your name, email address, and password. It is usually that simple. However, you have to wait for an invitation from the organization.
  2. Start answering the questions for the survey or start your game and compete as required if you are playing your online games.
  3. Get Rewarded – After answering the questions or competing effectively in your games, you will get promotions, bonuses, and gifts as your points increase. The more the games or surveys you play or take, the higher the rewards.


Although paid online surveys and games can never make you a Bill Gates or a billionaire, it has always been a great way to make some extra bucks as part of a side hassle. Just give them a try today!

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash