How Tim Murawski Helped Intuitive Become a Pioneer in Healthcare

Intuitive is making incredible strides in healthcare. Through the leadership of Tim Murawski, the company has cemented itself as a key player in medical robotics.

By pairing human ingenuity with technology, Intuitive is creating a new standard in minimally invasive medical procedures. As Area Sales Director for over four years, Tim Murawski helped grow the company from a valuation of millions to now billions of dollars. Now, the company continues to innovate, developing new technologies to solve some of the healthcare field’s hardest problems.

Here’s how Intuitive is transforming the healthcare space as we know it.

What is Intuitive?

In 1995, Intuitive began as a way to bring new technology to a medical field that desperately needed it. Before, many medical procedures were invasive, and involved many risks for patients and operating physicians. Through their da Vinci system, the company brought advanced robotics to the field, giving physicians an opportunity to reduce patient risk. Their pioneering technology also made it possible for procedures to be done much quicker, and with much faster downtime and recovery. In the past 25 years, Intuitive has become a leading force in these advanced robotics solutions.

Now, the company works with physicians and medical centers around the globe, broadening access to better care. With 5,989 da Vinci systems now in 67 countries, Intuitive is fundamentally changing the future of healthcare for the better. From the company’s beginning to 2020, over 8.5 million procedures were performed with the help of their da Vinci system. For context, that’s a procedure every 25.4 seconds. Operating physicians around the world are now able to tap into the da Vinci system and instruments to provide a new level of care.

Most recently, the company introduced its second robotic-assisted technology, Ion. This technology assists physicians in performing minimally invasive lung biopsies. Through assistance with planning and navigation, Ion helps OR teams to obtain samples with ease. Being able to take and test small samples of the lung is key to being able to diagnose certain illnesses, like lung cancer. With better reach and stability than older biopsy methods, Ion allows medical professionals to create an easier experience for patients.

How it’s changing the future of healthcare

The future of great patient care lies in minimally invasive procedures. And to be able to do this, operators need advanced technological solutions at their side. The field of robotics continues to show incredible promise in delivering better care, and Intuitive is committed to constant innovation. With a variety of features under their belt, the da Vinci and Ion systems are creating a world of new capabilities within operating rooms across the world. And by centering patients at their heart of their strategy, Intuitive is leading by example. However, robotics-assisted technology isn’t enough to create a better future of healthcare. This is why Intuitive continually strives to consider the needs of both patients and physicians.

Robotic health technology can only be helpful to operators when they’re properly trained. To ensure physicians have the right educational tools to help them do the job, Intuitive offers information and training through their da Vinci education system. This system offers comprehensive services, including simulations for skills and procedures to offer operators new opportunities to practice. Additionally, peer guidance is a cornerstone of the da Vinci system, allowing OR staff to learn from one another. By prioritizing support and training for the teams that use these robotics systems, Intuitive continues to pioneer in the medical space. And this investment ultimately makes it easier for operators to reduce variability in their procedures, and build better patient outcomes. Education, training, and high-quality care are foundational to a future of healthcare that puts people first.

Tim Murawski and Intuitive’s success

With his dedicated leadership and expertise, Tim Murawski left an incredible mark on Intuitive. When he joined the fledgling company in 2000, medical robotics weren’t a mainstay in hospital settings. As Area Sales Director, he helped propel the company toward new heights. By increasing the company’s national and international reach, Tim Murawski made it possible for the Intuitive team to position itself as a global leader in medical technology. Without a strong sense of vision and drive, the pioneering da Vinci system would not have been able to make its mark.

As a champion of their innovative technology, Mr. Murawski headed a variety of growth initiatives that resulted in the company growing in size, scope, and value. After leaving Intuitive in 2007, the company had grown from being worth $30 million to over $4 billion – an enormous leap that wouldn’t have been possible without strong internal leadership.

A longtime leader in business and biotechnic solutions, Tim Murawski continues to advance the field of medical technology. Currently the President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics, he and his team are helping bring augmented reality to spinal procedures. Throughout his career, Mr. Murawski has brought a sense of passion and care to the field of medical robotics, helping to build a medical landscape that now embraces the technology. And with the international commercial success of Intuitive’s solutions, that passion has paid off ten-fold.