Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Window Curtains

Looking out of the curtained windows of your room is probably the only means of entertainment you have sometimes. Especially with the pandemic and quarantine situations, staying at home gets boring.

The only entertainment we’re left with is staring out the curtains, enjoying the view while we are lost in our daydreams. It is the one positive thing about staying indoors that we can daydream as much as we want. But what if I tell you that by decorating your windows with curtains, you can improve your daydreaming moods. Window curtains do have a great impact on our moods and after all, who doesn’t like decorating their home sweet home?

The window curtains of your room indicate a lot about your personality. The style, the color, the print, every little detail of your window curtains reflect your personality. If you feel like your window curtains don’t match your personality, it’s high time that you change them. Here are 5 basic things to keep in mind when shopping for window curtains.

1.   Contrast and Colors

If you have ever visited a curtain market, you must have noticed that curtains come in all sorts of shades, color combinations, and contrast. Ranging from the most vibrant rainbow colors to the very sophisticated monochromatic shades, you will find all types of window curtains. Do not get overwhelmed but focus on what you have in mind. If you are planning to give your room a healthy look, you should opt for decent colors. But if you want to make your room a fun and entertaining corner of the house, you should choose something from the vibrant side of the spectrum. Like, go for some darker and multi-shaded curtains.

2.   Printed Curtain Designs

Now that you have picked out your favorite color codes for your room curtains, next comes the designs. Window curtains commonly printed, acrylic, color pasted, and many other designs. You can find the design that best suits your room decor and your furniture. So that your curtains will fit perfectly within your room. However, according to, out of all the designs, printed window curtains remain in high demand. There are Tropical prints like tiles and bricks, Botanical prints including flowers and leaves, and Bohemian block prints that include blocks and geometrical shapes. Other than these designs, there are also vertical pinstripe designs available in window curtains which entails very fine artwork made of beautiful pinstripes.

3.   Additional Details

Bending down the color and printing off your window curtain the next thing to look forward to are the additional furnishing details of curtains. This part is my favorite because it is the most influential detail of the garden which can completely transform your ordinary-looking window curtains into beautiful luxurious pieces of coveralls.

These additional cartoon details include the vertical borders of the curtain that make up the boundaries of the piece and give it a bald and prominent embroidered look. Your window curtains can have bomb poems attached to their edges to give them a fresh and boho-chic look. Sometimes Palm pumps are replaced with tassels or dedicated list artwork which makes the window curtains more sophisticated and better suited for studying and working environment.

4.   Number of Layers

Next comes the number of layers your window curtains should have. The number of layers basically helps to make your curtain pack and a better cover to stop light from entering your room. If you are a person who likes writer rooms you should only buy curtains that have a sheer number of layers. But if you’re someone who likes to stay in dark and shady places, you should opt for highly layered window curtains that will easily cover your room and won’t let the sunlight pass through your windows.

5.   Length and Weight of Curtains

Choosing a perfect window curtain also entails the length and the weight details of the curtain piece that you are planning to buy. The length of your curtains, as well as their weight, should be according to your room’s windows. Buying window curtains that are too large for your window or too heavy to hang above your room windows is nothing but just a waste of money and space. Also, it makes your room look bulkier and consumes all the free space.

Knowing all your options and how they affect your room’s decor helps you to make the right choice when buying window curtains. You can select a nice piece of window curtains that are made of delicate fabric, having pretty colors, fancy printed designs along with fall and pleats as additional features.