The Role of Security Guards in Safeguarding Businesses and Properties

Licensed security guards are essential for your premises- learn why here.

We’ve all heard of the term a security guard, bouncer or security operative. But how would YOU define their role?

If you’re like most, you probably may have a definition arising, like stopping members of the public from accessing unauthorised places, preventing goods from being stolen and protecting employees.

Technically, they do all of that, but their scope of work extends well beyond this definition. Keep reading to know more about why they’re an essential professional to safeguarding any premises.

Why are security guards essential?

With the rise of security concerns across cities in the U.K., the demand for security guards is more important than ever. They can save businesses money and time and be an important barrier to protecting their assets. Security guards also provide the following advantages:

Manage access control

Security guards can control property access and facility access and prevent unrestricted access to certain areas. Part of their roles involves verifying the identity and permission of guests on-premises, reviewing their credentials and granting them access roles.

Their systems prevent unauthorised access, stopping potential security breaches. Many security guards are also trained in using CCTV, monitoring and systems to identify suspicious activity on your premises.

Help with crowd control

If you’re a business dealing with large crowds, such as a stadium, concert hall or a bar, you need a security guard. They can ensure people stay safe by managing crowd flow and dealing with any disturbances that occur with people in large volumes.

For instance, they can reduce stampedes and conflicts, reduce the likelihood of accidents and overall contribute to a smoothly run event.

Reduce workplace violence

If workplace violence arises between employees, security guards can help address threats and conflicts among employees or visitors. Just having them present can help with de-escalation of certain events and aggression.

Can handle an emergency response

In an emergency situation such as a fire, theft or medical emergency, security guards are trained to handle them. Being highly familiar with a business or premises, they can effectively collaborate with paramedics, police or firefighters, guiding them in a critical situation.

Protect assets

Security guards can regularly protect properties, rooms, and confidential assets and surveil them. They’re also trained to spot any vulnerabilities or patches in existing security systems, devising preventative measures to mitigate risks.

They regularly conduct security audits of weak points in business infrastructure and suggest protection recommendations. Because of this, they can significantly reduce the chances of security breaches.

Deter criminals

Having security guards outside a business or property can serve as a powerful deterrent to criminals. Seeing a security guard can discourage potential criminals from targeting a location as they can feel their chances of getting caught are higher. As a result, businesses have a lower chance of vandalism, assault, theft and trespassing.

What to consider when hiring a security guard

To reap the benefits of hiring a private security guard for your business or premises, you should look for the following:

  • A proven track record
  • Valid SIA licensing, certifications and training
  • References and background checks
  • Compatibility with your specific security needs
  • Their methods for reporting
  • Physical fitness

A freelancing agency, Surely Security, also recommends that security guards list their skills before applying for jobs. This means that businesses should always define their requirements for a security guard to make the hiring process easier.

Final Thoughts

Overall, security guards can provide tailored security solutions to businesses and properties. Just simply having them present can deter criminals and unauthorised access. They can also prevent workplace violence, help crowd control and safely assist local authorities in an emergency.

To summarise, licensed security guards can wear multiple hats regarding safeguarding roles. If you’re conscious about your staff, assets or business premises, consider hiring one today and see how your risks can significantly diminish.