Best Online Aussie Pokies for Maximum Fun

Are you about to have some real fun when playing pokies in Australia? Then, we are here for you and ready to help you out a bit.

Are you about to have some real fun when playing pokies in Australia? Then, we are here for you and ready to help you out a bit.

We are going to discuss the best online Aussie pokies and show you some details about pokies that you will be glad to read and think about.

Pokies: What Are They for Players in Australia

We would not be exaggerating if we said that pokies, also known as slot machines, are the most popular casino games, whether we’re talking about the whole world or Australia in particular. The reason for their popularity is their simplicity!

To play roulette, blackjack, or poker, you definitely have to practice more and understand how things work, let alone coming up with some strategies (even though those games also depend on your luck a lot, strategies may still be helpful). In case of slots, it is much easier – the rules are simpler and you have only a couple of minutes to check the game’s paytable and main terms. Besides, there are so many reviews of pokies, including those from, that contain demo versions and useful info that can help you pick out your perfect game.

Pros and Cons of Playing Pokie Machines in Australia

Pros Cons
Easy to navigate and play The results are hard to predict
Simple rules
Lots of different themes
Awesome extra rounds and bonuses

Popular Providers of Pokies in Australia

We always point out how important it is to play pokies online from reliable providers only since this way, you will be able to make sure that the games are RNG-based, government-approved, and unbiased in terms of their results. Moreover, when you know that games were developed by creative and trustworthy gaming studios, you know that it’s all about the highest quality, as in intuitive navigation, amazing visuals, great sound effects, and more. Among the most popular and reputable providers of pokies in Australia, we can point out these (but the list is not limited to them only): Aristocrat, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Play’n GO, Felix Gaming, Mascot, 1spin4win, KA Gaming, and Push Gaming.

Popular Themes for Pokie Games in Australia

We decided to discuss the most popular themes of online pokies Australia and give you a couple of examples of great slots for each. This way, you will be able to have a wide choice and select a pokie game depending on the theme it is based on. So, let’s put it this way and get started!

Ancient civilisations

These slots take players on an amazing journey through time where gamblers can totally dive into the atmosphere of the ancient times and discover the mysteries of past civilisations. We must say, these games are pretty rich in history and mythology, from the lavishness of Ancient Egypt with its pyramids and pharaohs to the magnificent ruins of Ancient Greece with its well-known Olympian gods and goddesses. As players spin the reels in search of secret treasures and ancient riches, they will come across symbols such as sacred artefacts, powerful celestial beings and mythical heroes.

  • Cleopatra
  • Under the Fifth Sun
  • Queen of the Nile


Mythology-themed slots are going to take players to the world of ancient tales and legends which you might come across quite often. These games usually portray gods, goddesses, different heroes, and legendary animals from numerous cultures, including Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology. They usually come with absolutely stunning graphics, exciting gameplay, and legendary artefacts for symbols on the reels. Whether you enjoy the stories about Zeus or Ra, mythology-themed pokies have a lot to offer for sure.

  • Dead Riders Trail
  • Woodlanders
  • Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop

Jewels and diamonds

These pokies are our next step and we want to say that those are extremely popular games that can transport players to a universe of luxury and lavishness, where brilliant gems and sparkling diamonds have the absolute and ultimate power. These games are ornamented with emblems of luxury and overabundance including bright rubies and stunning emeralds. Each spin presents an amazing opportunity to discover rare and valuable treasures, with symbols such as diamonds, sapphires, and pearls. With its elegant and rich graphics and appealing music, these pokies give players a taste of the good life while they can also hunt the main prize at the same time.

  • Mona Lisa Jewels
  • Magic Crystals
  • Diamond Wild

Fruits and classic slot images

Our thoughts are that these online pokies pay respect to the foundations of slot machine gambling, highlighting the eternal attraction of classic fruit symbols and well-known slot images. Inspired by conventional fruit machines from the past, these games offer iconic symbols like cherries, watermelons, oranges, and lemons, as well as ageless designs like bells, bars, and the number 7 which is known as the lucky number. With their basic yet fascinating gameplay and retro-inspired appearance, these pokies can make you feel nostalgic and the charm will let players experience the excitement of classic slot gambling but in a new digital format.

  • Fruitoids
  • Icy Fruits 10
  • 100 Flaring Fruits


From the mighty scream of the lion to the playful dances of the dolphin, these pokies will allow you to dive deeper and become a part of the animal kingdom’s tremendous diversity. These games, whether the reels are set in the midst of the African savannah or go right to the depths of the Amazon jungle, take players on their wildest trip ever. But it is not necessarily about wild animals! The symbols can range from domestic cats and dogs to wild animals like tigers, lions, or elephants.

  • Buffalo
  • Rabbit Garden
  • Go Bonanza


These pokies are inspired by East Asia’s vibrant and rich cultures along with old traditions, and they help players discover the fascinating Oriental world. From the calm beauty of cherry blossoms to the burning power of dragons, these games are filled with symbols of harmony, luck, and prosperity. With their gorgeous artwork and pleasant melodies, these pokies take Aussie gamblers to a world where the elegance is timeless and mysterious enchantment never ends.

  • Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win
  • Dragon Emperor
  • 2 Dragon Wilds


Are you ready to take a trip back in time to the rough landscapes and wild frontier towns of the American West? This is where these pokies inspired by the classic era of cowboys and outlaws are ready to come in handy. These games, set in dusty saloons and rolling grasslands, reflect the Wild West’s sense of adventure and danger that many people love so much. With symbols such as six-shooters, gold nuggets, and posters saying WANTED, these pokies allow players to feel the rush of the Wild West which may be quite an amazing adventure.

  • Money Train 3
  • Bounty Gold
  • Heist for the Golden Nuggets


These pokies are perfect for lovers of sports competitiveness and sporting excitement. Whether it’s the screams of the crowd at an international soccer match or the crack of the bat at an awesome and anticipated baseball game, these games recreate the thrilling atmosphere of all those live sporting events. These pokies, which feature symbols such as trophies, jerseys, medals, and different types of sports equipment, give you a chance to feel like you come to a sporting field and are ready to experience all the excitement.

  • Soccermania
  • Football Glory
  • Derby Wheel


Is it okay to play pokies if I’m 18 in Australia?

Yes, it is totally fine because the legal age for gambling in Australia starts at 18.

What are the most popular themes for pokie games among Aussie players?

We can totally point out ancient civilisations, mythology, fruits, jewels, animals, Asian, West, and sports.

What are the most popular and creative game providers in Australia?

We believe we can point out Aristocrat, 1spin4win, Push Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and some others we listed above.