The Perfect Police Boots Online for You

Wearing proper footwear is essential when you’re on your feet for the most part of the day. Even more so when your job involves chasing criminals and saving people’s lives. Finding the perfect police boots is often a hassle, especially if you look for the right pair online.

There are dozens of brands out there, each sporting a different boot style. Aesthetic considerations aside, what you should consider before buying is the technical part.

The best police boots must be comfortable to wear for hours on end, easy to slip in and out of, and they must offer proper ankle and arch support. Then, there is the money. High-end police boots from brands like ALTBERG can cost you over £100. Yet, you can still find satisfactory solutions in the £30-£90 range. To make things easy, here’s what you should check before dropping your cash.


Comfort is paramount when you’re on your feet for over 8 hours a day. The best police boots must be light and comfortable to wear all day long.

Two of the most important things include a thick, cushiony midsole capable to absorb shocks and proper ankle support. Lace-up closures are preferable to zippers or Velcro. Lacing up the boot may require more time than zipping it, but gives you full control over how snug or loose you want it around your ankle.

Some of the best police boots have dual lace and zip closure; this option is the best, the laces allowing you to adjust comfort whilst the zip allows for an easy on and off.


Another essential thing to look for when buying police boots is traction. As an officer, you have to deal with all kinds of terrains, including muddy or slippery soils. Thick soles with deep grooves improve traction and help you maintain balance in all circumstances.

Water resistance

Police boots are made from a variety of materials, ranging from tech fabrics for summer to insulated leather for winter. No matter the material, though, you must buy a waterproof boot. Considering how fast the weather can go from sunny to rainy, a waterproof boot will keep your feet dry regardless of what the weather is throwing at you.

When assessing water resistance, pay attention to the description of the boot. Some materials can withstand splashes and light rain, but might not be fully waterproof. To prevent unpleasant surprises, it is best to invest in a fully waterproof boot.

Wrapping It All Up

Finding the perfect police boots isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated either. Here at Police Discount Offers, you can find a wide range of boots for all needs and budgets. Check out our deals to find the best police boots for you at the best possible prices.