The Most Popular and Most Played Real Money Slots

Online slots

It can be quite daunting when you first start playing real money slots online, and this guide will give you some ideas of which slots are worth playing.

Most Played Online Real Money Slots

For those of you that have not ventured into the online slot playing environment, you may be wondering just which slot machines get the most attention from players, and whether you should start playing online too.

Those are some of the questions I asked Jacob Atkinson a slot machine expert who runs a popular real money slots website, and below are the slot games that he tells me that all players will always enjoy playing online.

Slots Offering Progressive Jackpots

Keep in mind when you are playing real money slots at any casino site you are always going to find a good mix of them which offer you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, and many people have won big playing slot machines online over the years of course.

One thing that I would draw your attention to however is that some of the older styled slot machines that do offer such a jackpot will require you to play them for maximum stake levels to have any chance whatsoever of winning their jackpots.

Having said that though you will also find some slot games that can and do award their respective progressive jackpots completely at random and with no requirement to have to play them for a certain stake levels, so low rollers can win big on those types of slot games.

Bonus Game Packed Slot Machines

The most entertaining slot machine you will find are those that come with animated graphics and sound effects but also those that offer a range of different bonus games and bonus features too.

Therefore, if you are looking for not only the chance of winning big when you play slots for real money online but want to be entertained too that look out for the new video slot games all casinos sites will have on offer.

I would also suggest that you look at playing some of the UK themed fruit machines too, for they are a low stake type of slot machine that have been designed in such a way that they give players a much more fun type of playing experience.

Fruit machines come jam packed full of bonus features and bonus games some of them tend to award them on each and every single base game spin you play off.

Classic and Three Reel Slot Games

Moving onto the much more basic types of slot machines, well if you are seeking out such slots to play online for real money then it will be the classic or three reel slot games that you should be looking for and tracking down.

Classic slot machines are extremely basic in their design, and when playing them you will notice that they have just three reels, which are stepper reels as opposed to video reels and they only come with one single pay line too.

You will find that you can play them for different stake amounts and often increase the number of coins you wager on that one single pay line but being basic slots with no additional bonus games and bonus features they do tend to be slots that play rapidly, so do keep that in mind as you will fire through a huge number of spins when playing them but in a truly short space of time.

Three reel slots do of course have just three reels much like Classic slot machines, however they tend to come with more optional pay lines, and the most commonly available ones are those that offer three or five optional pay lines.

Some of the much never three reel slot machines however come with up to 27 ways to win and some of them may offer one or more bonus games or bonus features too, so they are certainly slightly more exciting slots to play than the older styled versions of those slot machines, so do look out for them is you want a tad more entertainment when playing.