The Business Aspect Of Online Casinos

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When you think of an online casino, the first thing that pops up is the fun aspect. But do you ever stop to think of the business side of things?

How they make money, what channels they use, how they use it, who helps them get there. Well, today is your lucky day as you will get all the above questions answered.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How casino make money

Online casinos work on a different business model from land-based casinos. And this is because they are available only on the internet, usually known as the virtual world. So much so, the internet offers every tool necessary to get them the revenue they seek, so how do they get that done?

The handle

The first way they get revenue is obvious, and that is the money gathered through the wagers collected, known as the handle. The handle is every penny calculated without differentiating the wins and the losses. Some players usually win, but some also lose, so the casino gets revenue from merely offering the games at the end of the day.

Extra fees

The second way they earn big money is through the extra fees they add to the services provided. And these fees may be on transfer of cash, membership fees, or jackpot additions. You have to realize that the casino industry is a multi-billion business, so even a dollar or cent from one client amounts to more significant gains at the end of the day.

Paying advertisers

When you log in to an online casino, you might come across several posters on other businesses on the site. And these companies using these spaces to advertise are paying customers to the online casino. Online casinos being part of millions of clients daily life, when someone sees an advert over and over, they might just get compelled to log into those sites and use the advertisers’ service or buy their product.

How casinos use money

In a perfect world, businesses would love only to get cash coming in, but that is not the case. Whether they like it or not, the outward money channels of an online casino exceed the routes money comes in, and that is why they must maximize their incomes a much as they can. That said, here are some of the ways they use the money they get:

Pay their employees

Despite having fewer hands-on personnel on the ground, online casinos have tech-savvy experts managing the sites they hold the games. They have game facilitators who oversee the fun part of it and the financial aspect of things. And this group of people needs to be paid after a work well done.

Fund the game and site development

Once you are in the virtual world, you must keep evolving. And because of that, constant upgrades to games and the site must be conducted every so often. Here, game developers and creators then need a payslip to get the ball rolling to create new games and make the casino site more alluring and lucrative.

On marketing

Online casinos also use quite an amount of cash to make the business known to other potential players. Sure, one may be content with the site they already have, but there is always a better chance to get a better one. And this is why constant marketing is vital. It brings in more players, thus more revenue.

Who or what helps online casinos to make money

Now that we have taken a look at how money comes in and out, next is a glimpse of who makes it happen.

Software developers

This group includes game and website developers who take control of all operations in the site’s front-end and back-end. The game developers are in charge of the making, testing, and implementation of the games. And the site developers ensure that all those games get hosted properly, are displayed as they should, and function properly.

Money transfer agents and companies

A considerable part of online casinos is the transfer of money. And the group of people that make this happen is money transfer agents working for syndicates that offer e-wallets and other money transfer channels. These agents are assigned to online casinos using their company, and they ensure that every cash transfer is legitimate and gets to the right person.


It is always wise to know a thing inside-out before you jump the gun and get involved. The circulation of money and who it passes through should be common knowledge you must have. The great news is that you now know all about online casinos.