The Importance Of Efficient Transport For Businesses

If you run a company that delivers products directly to its customers, whether business-to-consumer or business-to-business, having an efficient transport system you can rely on is absolutely essential.

Gone are the days of 7 to 10 working days for delivery – your customers expect a fast turnaround on orders and they will look elsewhere if you’re unable to provide it.

But there are more benefits to an efficient transport system than customer satisfaction – as important as that is. Here are some of the ways reliable transportation can positively impact your business.

  • Staying ahead of the competition

In a customer-driven marketplace, it is always to your benefit to keep a few steps in front of your competitors. Dependable transport solutions are one of the best ways to do this – both literally and figuratively. If you are able to demonstrate to your clients that you have a delivery system in place that can be relied upon, that immediately puts you ahead of your rivals in their estimations.

  • Maintaining good customer service

In most industry sectors, the customer is king, prompting many firms to do whatever they can to keep on the right side of their customers. A fast, efficient, and dependable transport infrastructure is a good way to do so. With many individuals and businesses conducting their market research online, positive reviews from your existing customer base have never been more crucial, while negative reviews have never been so detrimental. An article in Forbes magazine showed that 92% of B2B customers based their purchasing decisions on reviews.

  • Delivering stock on time

If the recent pandemic and post-Brexit legislative changes have taught us anything, it’s the importance of meeting delivery deadlines. Even slight delays in despatch and delivery can have huge knock-on effects further down the line. For some industries, fast and efficient delivery is even more crucial. Supermarkets, florists, and other retailers that sell fresh produce rely on well-functioning transport systems to get their goods safely on the shelves, freezers, or refrigerated areas before they can perish.

Aside from this practical demand for efficient transport, there are also customer expectations to consider. The fact is, many business and domestic customers require (or expect) next-day delivery service for their goods. Global retail giants Amazon have made next-day and even same-day delivery the baseline level of service for their customers, who expect similar treatment from other vendors. In a recent survey, 56% of British customers expressed their preference for same-day delivery over any other option.

So, how can you improve your transport system for better results?

Now that you know the importance of an efficient transport system to your business, how do you go about ensuring yours is up to scratch? Here are three popular and practical solutions:

  • Logistics and planning

Most delivery drivers drop off hundreds of items a day. By using the right logistics and planning software, you can ensure your drivers take a route that offers the best in terms of fuel efficiency and time management.

  • Fuel management systems

Speaking of fuel efficiency, that’s just one of the benefits of a dedicated fuel management system. Computer-based applications allow you to track fuel levels and consumption rates across your fleet in real-time. Not only does this let you adapt your business processes accordingly to maximise efficiency in terms of requirements for storage and fuel dispensing solutions, but it can also highlight incidences of fraud within your fleet.

  • Using your own fleet

Relying on third-party delivery drivers to ship your items takes one of the most important aspects of your service and puts it beyond your control. If there is a breakdown in quality with your shipping provider, your customers will still hold you at fault, as you are the firm they are dealing with. With your own fleet of vehicles and drivers, you can control the delivery side of your business more effectively.